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There are many ways to enjoy your time on Instagram. You can browse through the pictures of friends, find your favorite celebrity, and get some great ideas for how to spend your free time. But, did you know that there are a ton of great videos on the site?


Chipotle has made a name for itself in the food industry. It’s a fun, quirky brand that has earned millions of fans. And the company’s Instagram feed is a perfect example of how they talk to their customers in a friendly and funny way.

In January, Chipotle posted a lid-flip meme that went viral. More than 1 million people watched the video. But the real hit was the response Chipotle received. The restaurant’s response, “Yes, we deliver to Area 51,” was the best-performing tweet in the restaurant industry.

Chipotle also has an Instagram Reel, a video that explains its unique avocado cutting technique. This is also a fun, engaging video that keeps viewers watching.

Chipotle also has a Gen Z team. These young people are helping the company connect with the younger demographic. They are the faces of the brand. Their content is similar to the other channels, and they are a key part of the brand’s social media strategy.

As a result of their social media strategy, Chipotle has a massive fan base. In the first half of 2019, digital sales soared 100%. This resulted in a doubling of its stock price.

Chipotle also uses the “close friends” feature to share information with die-hard fans. They’ve also launched a private group chat on Instagram. For this campaign, they recruited a group of culture hunters who create humorous videos and behind-the-scenes photos.

As part of its campaign, Chipotle created an AR burrito-toting alien. In July, it hosted a guacamole dance challenge. Over a hundred thousand people submitted a video to the challenge, and it garnered over a billion views. That’s more than Chipotle’s entire Twitter account has.

Smithsonian Magazine

Smithsonian Magazine is the official journal of the Smithsonian Institution. In fact, it’s so comprehensive that it covers 19 museums, nine research centers, and a zoo. And if you’re into art, history, or architecture, it’s a great place to find inspiration. The good news is, you don’t have to be a member of the institution to benefit from its work. You can download the images for free, or buy them from the likes of Getty Images.

The Smithsonian has actually made thousands of its images available for free in an effort to attract a new generation of museum goers. It’s one of the many organizations that have recently announced they’ll make their image collections available for free downloads. There are a number of notable names in this arena, but the Smithsonian has a leg up, as it was the first to do so. If you’re a fan of the national institution, you’ll be elated to hear that you can now peruse its photo archives in full fidelity. So whether you’re looking to take a virtual tour of the nation’s top museums, snag a glimpse of a national treasure, or catch up on the latest developments in science and technology, you’ll be well-served.

On a related note, it was also the first to make the news that they’ll be hosting an annual photo contest, and are accepting entries now. Of course, as with any such endeavor, the competition will be stiff, but as a photo lover, you’ll be in good company.

Rachel Ryle

When you think of Instagram, it’s hard to ignore the photo-sharing app’s video feature. However, it’s difficult to create a good video in that short of a time frame. Luckily, social media maven Rachel Ryle knows a thing or two about producing quality animations, and she’s put her talents to good use.

In fact, she’s become so adept at creating stop-motion art, that she’s been commissioned by major name companies such as Threadless and Goop to create animated illustrations for them. She also has her own Instagram account, and it’s a must-follow for anyone who wants to see some of the best in the business.

Not only does she have an Instagram account, but she has a Twitter account as well. While her Instagram account is mostly videos, her Twitter account is full of inspirational quotes and tips for artists and creative types. She has also gotten involved with a number of tech start-ups, including Techstars and Goop.

Her YouTube channel is chock full of great video content as well. She also makes a point of sharing fun and interesting facts about the technology behind her animations. And as a self-taught artist, she’s no stranger to the art of the story-telling.

It’s no secret that Rachel Ryle is a talented animator, and she’s used the Instagram video feature to her advantage. Although her most notable contribution to the medium is an incredibly cool stop-motion animation, she also demonstrates how to do many other things. For example, she’s taken advantage of the Instagram app’s ability to match a nail color to the animation.

It’s also no surprise that she’s been named the best Instagram account by MTV, BuzzFeed, and more. As a social media maven and professional animator, she’s one of the most respected and influential people in the game.

National Geographic

National Geographic Instagram videos are a great way to share visual storytelling. The account has a massive community of followers from every part of the globe. Its content has also been viewed 4 billion times. In celebration of its milestone, the account released a book that features some of the most popular photos and the captions that accompany them.

A recent report from AdWeek called National Geographic the “#1 Brand in social media” in 2017. The brand’s social strategy is focused on engaging the younger audience on a personal level. This strategy includes partnerships with brands that have a connection to the world’s problems.

While National Geographic’s Instagram account has over one million followers, the brand is also working to extend its reach to a younger demographic. Last year, the company announced a number of new video projects and initiatives.

One of them is a new web series. The show, Investigation Explorer, will give viewers a deeper look at some of the most important news events of the day.

Another project is a virtual reality platform. The company has partnered with Rolex to help promote the project. As a result, it’s been able to make the first live call with an astronaut in space.

National Geographic is also leveraging Instagram’s new long-form video platform. It will be able to use the new feature to bring audiences closer to creators. IGTV will have a 10-minute limit for smaller accounts, but a 60-minute limit for larger accounts.

In the meantime, the brand has rolled out two new Instagram accounts: NatGeo in the Field and @natgeoyourshot. Both of them feature stories from photographers on assignment.

Each of the accounts have a distinct audience and theme. For example, NatGeo in the Field has a smaller audience of followers than the main account.


If you’re looking for an Instagram video making software that offers the best bang for your buck, then take a look at Typito. It is a mobile based, cloud based video creation tool that allows users to upload their own videos or create videos from scratch.

Typito aims to simplify the process of creating high-quality videos. It provides a selection of templates accompanied by a drag and drop interface. Besides, it allows you to make a video on the go without the hassle of downloading, uploading, and managing media. You can even add your own logos and other elements to the mix.

Typito’s main feature is a clever resizing feature that makes it easy to resize a video for Instagram or any other social platform. Using this feature, you can quickly create Instagram-compatible videos in any format from 720p to 4K. Also, you can adjust the aspect ratio of the video with a few clicks.

The software even has a selection of images to choose from, like those provided by Unsplash. Another plus is that you can preview the finished product before you upload. And, as an added bonus, you can use Typito to help you boost brand recall.

Aside from the above-mentioned resizing tool, Typito also has a host of other features. For instance, you can add your own social media icons and images, as well as background music to your videos. On top of that, you can create videos ranging in length from 3 seconds to 60 seconds. Additionally, you can opt to add your own text or captions to the footage. With this in mind, you can easily create an engaging video for your social media accounts, or better yet, a compelling commercial for your business.

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