Social Media Campaign Examples to Get Your Business Noticed

If you are looking for a way to get your business noticed, there are a number of social media campaign examples that you can try. These campaigns include everything from using Facebook and Twitter to promote your products to creating videos and photos to post online. While each of these marketing efforts can be effective, the best campaign depends on the specific goals you have for the campaign.


Apple’s social media campaign is a great example of how to harness the power of user-generated content. You see, the best way to promote a product is to allow others to share their experiences with it. It’s not only important to ask your customers to share images of them using your product, but to make sure that your brand is involved.

This is why the iPhone’s camera is the focus of the #ShotoniPhone campaign. The photos that Apple posts are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they demonstrate the quality of the iPhone’s camera.

Another cool Apple social media campaign example is the “Give the Gift of Go with Apple Watch.” This campaign positions the Apple Watch as a gift of adventure.

The Instagram account is a simple, community-based page that features exclusive content. It’s all about promoting value and thought leadership, as well as fostering customer relationships.

Apple doesn’t use Facebook, but it does have an active Twitter presence. A quick Twitter search for the hashtag #Apple shows a couple of posts per minute.

It’s not exactly a secret that Apple is a master of digital marketing. The company has a number of subsidiary Twitter accounts for each of its products and services. They even have a dozen official Twitter accounts for partners.


Dove is a manufacturer of quality feminine products. They have built a strong reputation and engaged millions of consumers. In this article we’re going to look at some of the ways they’ve used social media to promote their products.

Dove has a diverse range of influencers that they work with. From celebrity ambassadors to photographers, they’ve been able to reach audiences through storytelling and a provocative creative approach.

Dove’s main target audience is females aged 18 to 35. These are highly engaged women who are also interested in beauty. The company’s marketing campaign aims to change people’s perceptions of women’s beauty and to build self-esteem.

For example, the #SpeakBeautiful campaign encourages women to have positive body conversations. It has helped drive 800 million social media impressions.

The brand has also created an online “confidence kit” that contains tips for teens and parents. Moreover, Dove commissioned a report titled the Dove Global Girls Beauty and Confidence Report, which examines the way girls around the world view their bodies.

Another great example of Dove’s commitment to inclusivity is its collaboration with Getty Images on its Project #ShowUs campaign. This initiative has provided Dove with a massive library of photos of women from all over the world. As a result, the company has licensed these images for use in a variety of projects.


Starbucks has mastered social media marketing and has become one of the most successful brands on the platform. Using its own content and user-generated content (UGC) Starbucks created campaigns that engage with customers and create a community of fans.

One of the most effective uses of UGC was Starbucks’ Unicorn Frappe. This limited edition drink lasted for three weeks in April 2017. Over 1,54,000 images were produced.

Starbucks has a clear focus on providing a great customer experience. The company takes the time to analyze how their target audience interacts with the brand. They are also responsive to customer feedback, which translates into greater engagement with their posts.

In addition to regular updates, Starbucks has implemented a number of different techniques to help them build a social community. For example, they have partnered with third-party platforms and have created individual accounts for each of their beverages.

Another important social media campaign was the Tweet-a-Coffee campaign. Customers were able to link their Twitter account to their Starbucks account and earn a $5 gift card for doing so.

Starbucks has a strong social strategy that helps them continue their growth in global markets. Their Twitter feed is a mix of image-based, video-based, and text Tweets. It also contains a large library of UGC content.


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Coors Light

Coors Light is a beer that’s known for its chill ethos. The brand is now running a new social media campaign. It is giving away $1 million worth of free beer. They are also hosting a virtual happy hour with college football analysts.

This was the first Coors campaign in six years. It is aimed at providing a lighthearted note to consumers, especially those who are experiencing hard times. As part of the campaign, consumers can take part in a contest by posting their results on the Coors Light social media accounts.

The campaign began after a 93-year-old woman, Olive Veronesi, asked for a Coors Light. When she was locked in a room during a pandemic, she posted a request on a whiteboard. She received a response from Coors and was sent 150 beers.

The #CouldUseABeer campaign aims to bring awareness to a crucial social issue. Specifically, it encourages gender diversity and openness. In order to promote these issues, the company is creating ads, videos, and other forms of creative work.

The brand also launched a line of sweatpants. Using light-hearted humor, the company encouraged people to enjoy their beer while also enjoying their lives. Among the creative work, a video series called #likeagirl was created. Many celebrities and athletes shared the series, which garnered 69 million views.

Facebook Likes Don’t Save Lives

A recent campaign from the Swedish branch of the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) takes the social media luv to a whole new level. Not only do they try to sway your opinion, but they’ve also got some wacky social media marketing tricks up their sleeves.

For starters, they spoofed a popular Facebook ad that showed a well dressed man trying to pay for a meal with a few likes. They used that to illustrate the social impact of the new Facebook Likes app, which lets users earn a discount for a certain number of likes.

They also rolled out a few YouTube videos in the same vein. One of their most eye-catching commercials is a clip about a boy in a third world country who’s worried that he’s going to die. It’s a harrowing watch but it’s also the stuff of dreams.

They also came up with a few other funky social media marketing tricks, such as a coupon system that let’s you redeem your likes for a discount at your favorite restaurants. Lastly, they’ve released a few slick-looking apps that show you what your likes are likely to buy. Depending on your budget, you could even get your hands on a fancy mobile wallet that will make your life a bit easier.


MoonPie is a snack food brand. It is made from marshmallows and sold in grocery stores. The company’s history stretches back over a century. For the past few years, it has had a successful social media campaign. Using its brand character, the company has found a way to attract young people.

MoonPie uses Twitter to connect with its target audience. In its first year of using the platform, it increased its sales by 17 percent. This strategy paid off, as the company reported its highest-ever sales in September 2017.

While other brands are relying on visuals to drive engagement, MoonPie has a unique approach. Instead of relying on imagery, the company posts content with its brand character’s voice. These tweets are meant to be understood as the voice of a particular individual.

With its quirky Twitter style, MoonPie’s account has become an internet sensation. The company has over 226,000 followers. As a result of its success, MoonPie was named one of the top social media brands of the year.

The MoonPie Twitter account is funny, irreverent, and relatable. Its brand character combines the absurdist humor of Weird Twitter accounts with the good-natured positivity of doggo memes.


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