LinkedIn Video Marketing | How To Upload and Share Videos on LinkedIn For Maximum Results

Are you looking to upload videos to LinkedIn? Is LinkedIn video a part of your marketing strategy? This video is all about how to upload videos on LinkedIn.

There are some key best practices that you should be using when you are uploading videos on LinkedIn to help you get the most out of the platform.

1. Upload Native to LinkedIn

The first key thing is to make sure you’re uploading your videos natively to the LinkedIn platform. This is because LinkedIn wants more video on it’s platform so when you upload natively (rather than sharing a YouTube link, for example) LinkedIn will push your video to more people.

2. Create Custom Thumbnails

While LinkedIn videos do auto-play in the feed, a thumbnail still shows up while the video is loading. By default, it shows the first frame of the video. Take advantage of that by creating a custom thumbnail and making it the very first frame of your video.

3. Upload Custom SRT Captions

When you’re uploading videos to LinkedIn, be sure to upload custom SRT caption files. This is because by default, LinkedIn videos autoplay without sound. Use a site like to have custom captions made quickly and easily.

If you have any other questions about how to use video on LinkedIn, how to create custom thumbnails on LinkedIn, or anything else video marketing related let us know in the comments!

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Title: LinkedIn Video Marketing | How To Upload and Share Videos on LinkedIn For Maximum Results
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