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For today’s busy marketer, creating content and besting algorithms is a full-time job. Whether you work as a designer, content marketer, or marketing generalist, your day-to-day is likely so packed that it’s hard to find time to get inspired and stay fresh.

Fortunately, in today’s hyper-connected world, you no longer need to attend a weekend conference or take a course in order to freshen up your skills. Marketing influencers from every field — from search engine optimization (SEO) to social media — are online and sharing their wisdom.

And since said wisdom is usually condensed into a 280-character Tweet, one-minute Instagram Reel, or quick LinkedIn post, you can get inspired all day long. (No overtime required.)

Below, we round up 14 must-follow digital marketing influencers who are experts in video marketing, content marketing, social media, SEO and web design, and marketing strategy. Follow them for insights about their niches, plus tidbits on how they plug video (our specialty!) into their approaches.

14 marketing influencers you should be following

Video marketing experts we love

Danielle Diamond

Danielle Diamond is the founder of Epiq Media, a video agency that creates video content for clients like Adidas, Lyft, Calm, Bumble, TikTok, and Exit Five.

On LinkedIn, Danielle’s motto is “Don’t be the ad. Be the TV show,” and she shows her audience exactly how to do that. She shares captivating ads, (short) video marketing playbooks, and the actual results that their creative campaigns garner.

Here’s just a sneak peek of some of her creative work for Exit Five:

Kim Gehrig

Kim Gehrig is a director at Somesuch who has created video ads for Apple, Nike, the New York Times, and Airbnb, among others. Her videos are always captivating, and they’re the perfect inspiration to get your creativity fired up. (In fact, they’ve even made the Vimeo Staff Pick list — a few times!)

For a taste, here’s a campaign she did for Apple:

You can browse her videos for inspiration on Vimeo or the Somesuch website.

Kevin Anson

Kevin Anson is a video marketer who works with clients like ClickFunnels, IBM, and Mercedes Benz. According to Kevin, he’s created over 10,000 videos and ads in the last 16 years, and he’s now teaching others his ways on his popular YouTube channel.

Most of Kevin’s videos clock in at under 10 minutes, and they focus on actionable and technical tips, like how to make an app video for the App Store, how to smooth out audio, and how to add subtitles to YouTube videos.

You can catch Kevin’s videos on YouTube or Instagram.

Content marketing gurus to learn from

Ross Simmonds

The CEO of Foundation, a content marketing agency, Ross Simmonds is a go-to follow for all things content marketing and growth. Simmonds is well-known in the content world for engaging with other marketers and putting together Twitter threads full of actionable advice.

Ross’ own success on social channels also serves as a MasterClass in content repurposing. Not only does he tweet to 60,000 followers, but he also shares digestible marketing advice on Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

Amanda Natividad

Amanda Natividad is the vice president of marketing at SparkToro, an audience research startup. On Twitter, she regularly shares content marketing advice with her 116,000 followers, and her newsletter, The Menu, dives into her thoughts on marketing. She also interviews founders, marketers, and content creators on her YouTube channel, The Menu Show.

Kaleigh Moore

Kaleigh Moore is a freelance writer, marketing consultant, and the founder of Content Remix, a podcast repurposing agency. On both Twitter and LinkedIn, she shares actionable tips to improve your writing and repurpose all types of content — including written, audio, and video content — for maximum impact.

Social media marketing experts who inspire us

Lauren Thomas

Lauren Thomas has a fairly star-studded resume on LinkedIn: in the past, she’s worked with AT&T, The Coca-Cola Company, and Macy’s, and she currently leads social at Intuit. Her advice for content creators?

“Do work that you’re proud of and have a little fun along the way.”

Lauren Thomas, social media guru

On LinkedIn, Lauren shares her tactics for hitting 100,000 followers on TikTok, getting buy-in from leadership for social strategies, and coming up with new social ideas.

Christopher Tompkins

Christopher Tompkins is the CEO and head strategist at The Go! Agency, a social media marketing agency. Aside from sharing his views on the future of social media marketing on LinkedIn and Twitter, he also hosts the podcast The Bulletproof Marketer, where he frequently interviews marketing and growth experts.

Christopher is particularly bullish on the future of video in social media marketing, telling Forbes:

“If you look at the current trends in digital (social, paid, email), notice the amount of movement that you are seeing on each channel. Then notice how much more prevalent it is than before…My advice is to step out of your comfort zone; you will need video soon.”

Web design & SEO experts to watch

Andy Crestodina

Andy Crestodina is the co-founder and chief marketing officer of Orbit Media Studios, a web design and development company. He and his team are laser-focused on helping clients create functional, engaging websites that drive conversions. Of course, for Andy, a large part of creating story-driven websites is strategically using video. As he told TechSmith:

“In research we discover that people’s faces are magnetic and we can’t help but look at them and pay attention to them. So video has a huge advantage over blogs and podcasts in terms of connection.”

Follow Andy on LinkedIn and Twitter for tactical and technical advice on analytics, SEO, and website development.

Oli Gardner

Oli Gardner is the founder of Be The Keynote, a company that coaches individuals to become better communicators. Oli also previously founded Unbounce, a no-code landing page platform.

Oli’s interests in marketing tools and communication are clear in his tweets and LinkedIn posts, where he frequently shares advice on becoming a better virtual communicator — whether on webinars, landing pages, or social media videos.

Neil Patel

Neil Patel is one of the biggest names in SEO and digital marketing, and rightfully so. Every couple of days, he shares new marketing advice on YouTube in short, sub-five-minute videos. He covers the world of digital marketing broadly, sharing advice on how to rank on Google, how to find trends before they’re too popular, and how to automate your marketing.

Alongside Eric Siu, a founder, investor, and advisor, Neil also runs the podcast Marketing School.

Aside from his podcast and YouTube channel, you can also find Neil on Instagram and LinkedIn.

Marketing strategists doin’ cool stuff

Amrita Mathur

Amrita Mathur is the Vice President of Marketing at Superside, a popular design agency. On LinkedIn and Twitter, she frequently explores her approach to marketing and what’s happening behind the scenes at Superside.

Amrita’s posts are open and honest, and when reading, you often feel like you’re experimenting alongside the Superside team. In February, for instance, Amrita shared on LinkedIn that she and her team were investing into “a bunch of moonshots,” because, as she explained:

“I’m calling it COMO. Like FOMO, COMO is the cost of missing out, and we’ll be investing into areas where we think the COMO is high.”

Just a few months later, she shared some of the results of those investments, like taking a chance on video — and how creating a person-centered, dynamic ad increased their link click-through rate by 48%, lowered their cost-per-click by 62%, and brought their cost-per-thousand down by 30%.

Dylan Kohlstädt

Dylan Kohlstädt is the founder and CEO of Shift ONE, a B2B digital marketing agency. Many of Dylan’s posts focus on how marketers can move the needle by simply providing value to their community. As Dylan tells Peer to Peer Marketing:

“I believe the most important fields in digital marketing right now to be explored is community marketing. Work out how you can create a digital and physical community where you add value, and where you create loyal and passionate followers, who also happen to buy from you too.”

You can find Dylan on Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn. You can also listen to her podcast, The Dylan Kohlstädt Show, on Spotify or Apple Podcasts.

Rand Fishkin

Rand Fishkin is the co-founder and CEO of SparkToro, an audience research tool that helps brands better understand their customers. He’s well-known on Twitter for helping followers understand how to better use data and research to improve their marketing strategies.

While Rand advocates for the use of data and customer research across all forms of marketing, he’s experienced firsthand the power of video marketing:

“Video has some really unique powers. One that I’ve discovered is the memorability of video and the ability for it to create a brand impression that lingers and sits with someone is unmatched.”

Rand Fishkin

You can also find Rand on LinkedIn.

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