Creating a Video About Company Culture

Creating a video about your company is a great way to attract new employees and showcase your company culture. You can find some examples of company onboarding videos here: Canva’s onboarding video, Zendesk’s company culture video, and Starbucks’ onboarding video. Each of these companies has their own unique way of communicating about their values, work-life balance, and company culture.

Canva’s onboarding video

Canva’s onboarding video is a quick and cheerful introduction to their software and company culture. The video opens with a skateboarding employee introducing the company’s vision, values, and core product features. The colorful images and excellent music are sure to make viewers feel welcome and at home with Canva.

To ensure that new users get the most out of their new design platform, Canva provides personalized versions of their application. Upon logging in, users are asked how they plan to use the platform, and the company gives recommendations based on their answers. The video’s interactive format makes the onboarding process more appealing and informative, allowing the company to tailor the experience to users.

This product tour emphasizes the importance of creating new projects, as opposed to relying on preset templates. In addition, the product tour utilizes a consistent color palette, alerts users to enter a tour by beacon hotspot, and provides personalized guidance in reaching “aha moments.” The onboarding video is a vital part of Canva’s product experience, and it should be a standard part of any new software.

Canva and Powtoon can work together to streamline the process. Both services are designed to help you create and publish videos and increase your creative reach. For example, you can create a video with one tool and then export it to the other. You can even export a video with multiple creators.

Lastly, the onboarding video can communicate company culture to new employees. It helps employees understand the company’s mission and core values, while also conveying the company’s personality and culture. It also provides a great opportunity to establish an emotional connection with new employees. By displaying the company’s values and culture through a video, you can be sure that new hires will feel at home with your company.

Zendesk’s company culture video

A recent video produced by Zendesk shows its culture and values. The video features pop-up office basketball nets, a voiceover, and a tour of the office. The video portrays the company’s inclusive culture. Employees rate the company’s leadership, company phone, and total compensation as “A,” and most are content with their working environment.

The video showcases the company’s values and culture in a fun and humorous way. Zendesk’s values are rooted in honesty, transparency, and inclusion, and the company has a culture of authenticity and respect for different perspectives. While the video is not as long or as funny as the actual company’s website, it does capture the company’s culture well.

In addition to emphasizing the values of the company, it also highlights the company’s history. The video should be short and sweet, and not too long. No one wants to sit through a 10-minute video. For this reason, company culture videos should be between 1:30 and three minutes long.

The company’s culture video highlights the values and self-awareness of its employees. As a customer service software company, Zendesk is focused on building a workforce of “really nice people.” Employees are encouraged to pursue a work-life balance and give back to the local community. The video has gained more than 350,000 views.

Zendesk’s company culture video is a great example of how to use the power of video to communicate your company culture. The video combines workplace shots with employee chats and a voiceover to tell the story of your company. A company culture video should highlight the company’s values, core values, and personality. The video should convey your company’s uniqueness and attract new candidates to join.

Starbucks’ onboarding video

Starbucks’ onboarding video is a fun way to welcome new employees. The video features short clips of team members chatting about their experiences. The video also shows the importance of growth and opportunities within the company. It also features the company’s core values and how they guide company culture. The onboarding video also shows how each member of the team can contribute to the company’s success.

Starbucks has many different ways to onboard new employees. The company has a structured internal training system to ensure new employees are successful in their new roles. The onboarding program also emphasizes the importance of culture, community, and farmers. This helps new hires see themselves reflected in the company’s story.

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Walter Acosta is a blogger. His primary interests are in digital marketing and content creation and curation.