Corporate Video Production Marketing Videos – How To Make Great Marketing Videos

– Corporate video production marketing is a specialty at award winning Sly Dog Production. The company is a full service agency that offers everything from story-boarding your ideas and story development to full service location production services.

At Sly Dog Production we collaborate with your marketing staff every step of the way to develop unique ways to tell your story, like co-branding, and protect the integrity of your brand. Soft selling through the use of subliminal imagery, carefully developed voice overs and great camera work that engages the viewer.

We use 14 bit 4k-plus cameras, high-end aerial drones with micro four-thirds processors, lighting, camera caranes, dedicated sound engineers and all the professional staff so you can sit back, relax and leave the heavy lifitng and hard logistical planning to us. Planning like location scouting, location approvals, on-screen talent and crew selection.

The Starting Point For All Good Corporate Video Production –

Nothing is more important then story development but even before story development occurs you must consider the audience. If your message misses with the audience your final product will be much less successful. Knowing the demographics and geographics of your existing customers will help us develop a more targeted message.

In general, videos should be held to two minutes or less because online viewership these days has a very short attention span as bourne out by the YouTube view statistics.

Most good corporate marketing video productions will take a good month of pre-planning, writing the story, scouting all the locations and organizing the location crew. Following a day, or several days, of shooting the post-production begins. Post-production includes editing the raw film, re-coloring the film, organizing clips adding soundtracks, voice recordings and voice tracks, titles any visual effects and a host of other work. This process can take several weeks following production.

A delivery draft video is generally delivered for the decisionmakers to review at the corporate level.

The next steps would involve any final edits based upon decisionmaker feedback and then a final production and uploading of videos. Most companies take delivery of .mp4 format videos as these give their marketing the greatest latitude with respect to distribution over their various social media platforms and accounts.

Video Search Engine Optimization –

At Sly Dog Production we realize that successful distribution is just as important as the production itself because good content does not sell itself.

We offer SEO services to optimize the titles, text and tags for a wide variety of keyword search phrases that your audience is using to find you. Next we can boost these videos with a kickstart by making sure they receive tens of thousands of views hundreds of likes and social shares.

This ensures that your corporate marketing videos get seen by those who matter.

Media Distribution Services –

We offer press releases that go out to over 500 high page rank media outlets. Each release has three links that constitute important keywords in the companies customer searches. These links boost the company’s ranking because over 1,500 high page rank links are pointing back to your website. We can even include a link to your new video.

Without the utilization of video search engine optimization and media distribution you are left at the mercy of the Google Gods, so just remember – page 2 of Google gets almost no traffic.

If you are interested in having us help you create great corporate content that increases customers then simply call Rusty Squire at 406-425-2742.

By: Sly Dog Production
Title: Corporate Video Production Marketing Videos – How To Make Great Marketing Videos
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