Vine 2.0? Twitter Reportedly Working To Bring Back Video Service After Musk Poll

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Twitter’s new billionaire boss Elon Musk tasked employees with developing a new version of the defunct video platform Vine, Axios reported Monday, shortly after Musk floated the idea in a tweet, demonstrating the sway of public opinion on Musk as he remodels the social media service in the mold of his $44 billion vision.

Six years after being shut down, vines may grow back.

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Here are some key facts

Sources told Axios that Vine may be revived this year.

Twitter acquired Vine for $1, which is a short-form, video app widely considered as the direct precursor to TikTok. reported30 million dollars in 2012, before the app closed down in 2016.

News of Vine’s potential resurrection comes less than 24 hours after Musk tweeted a poll asking if there was interest in bringing back the service, receiving four million votes, more than two-thirds of which—or 2.8 million users—supported restoring Vine.

Important Background

Musk took Twitter control late on Thursday. However, the billionaire (or Mars) already has made major changes. Parag Agrawal was fired as CEO and plans to fire 25% of its top executives. Musk often groused about Twitter’s content moderation rules before closing the deal, though he said Friday he won’t make any major decisions until a “diverse” council can weigh in. The original Vine consisted of six-second mostly humorous video clips, and many of the app’s most popular users migrated to TikTok. The video space is far more competitive today than during Vine’s reign, with Meta’s Instagram Reels and Alphabet’s YouTube Shorts also major players in the space.

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“​,” Musk repliedA Twitter user requested Vine to be integrated into Twitter rather than living in an app.

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