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There are several tools available on the internet for managing social networks. These include TweetDeck, Buffer, Sprout Social, and Oktopost. Each of these services has its own benefits and drawbacks. However, using any of them can significantly improve your business. You can use them to schedule your posts and interact with your audience.


If you’ve been looking for an easy way to manage multiple Twitter accounts, TweetDeck is a great option. The software’s customizable dashboard allows you to keep track of a variety of different accounts, as well as industry peers and influencers. You can even customize your TweetDeck account to fit your exact workflow.

TweetDeck is a browser-based app that allows you to manage your multiple Twitter accounts. It lets you monitor multiple accounts at once, and even schedule the same tweet to appear on multiple accounts. This app is easy to use and requires few system resources. However, it’s missing some key features, including notifications. It also requires you to keep your browser tab open at all times. Nonetheless, it offers many benefits, including the ability to schedule posts and tweets.

TweetDeck allows users to add up to four images to each tweet. You can also schedule tweets to be published at a later time. You can use TweetDeck to automate this process, or you can manually schedule tweets to go out at a later time. If you’re using the application to promote your business or product, you should be able to schedule tweets with a few clicks. You can also choose to schedule tweets for multiple accounts or individual accounts.

TweetDeck is free to use. You don’t need to create an account with it, and it’s easy to use. Log into Twitter and click the TweetDeck tab. It has been in business for several years, and is one of the most popular social media tools on the market. It offers a variety of organisation tools and a clean design.


Buffer makes it easy to share content on social networks. It allows you to select social accounts, create a new post, and schedule it for publishing later. You can also set up approval workflows, allowing you to decide which users need to approve content before it goes live. Once you’ve set up an approval workflow, you can easily review your content before scheduling it to be published on social networks.

Buffer also allows you to connect multiple social media accounts. You can add different time slots for each account and customize the appearance of your posts. You can also upload videos and GIFs for each post. You can choose the best time to post each post, or let Buffer recommend the best times for you.

Buffer also offers social analytics. Business and Premium users can access this feature, which lets them analyze performance and post types. Buffer also shows you which posts got the most engagement. These tools can be very useful for tracking the performance of your social media campaigns. By analyzing your post performance, you can determine which content is performing better.

While Buffer may be an effective social media tool, it’s not a substitute for a good social media strategy and execution. If you’re not familiar with how social media works, check out Moz’s Social Media, Influencer Marketing, and SEO Guide to learn about its role in SEO and PR. For those who are new to social media, Buffer can make the process easier and more productive.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is a powerful social media management tool that supports a variety of platforms. Designed with a clean UI and quick-access buttons, it makes common tasks easy. For example, its publishing tool allows you to schedule multiple posts at once. You can also choose the time of day when your target audience will be most engaged with your content. Sprout Social also offers scheduling for future posts.

One of the best features of Sprout Social is its ability to track mentions, keywords, and hashtags across multiple networks. This allows you to analyze what kind of content is most engaging with your audience and if it’s working. The tool also offers analytics on audience growth and demographics. It can also compare paid and organic posts and help you determine which is working best.

Sprout Social also offers reports for individual platforms. Quick-access buttons make it easy to quickly access a specific report. The reports are separated into four categories: Google Analytics, LinkedIn Pages, Twitter Keywords, and Trends Report. You can also set up custom workflows and analytics. Sprout Social offers a free 30-day trial for its premium, enterprise, and corporate plans.

Another useful feature of Sprout Social is the ability to track competitors and identify influencers in your industry. It helps businesses optimize their positioning and identify gaps in their industry. Sprout Social also tracks consumer behavior and shares of voice. It also finds relevant conversations and offers real-time insights.


Oktopost is a suite of social media tools for B2B organizations that combines social media management, employee advocacy, social listening, and comprehensive reporting. It helps B2B organizations craft engaging content and use social media as a driving force for their business. Its integration with HubSpot allows companies to enroll new leads in nurturing email campaigns based on their interests.

Oktopost provides marketers with cross channel analytics, engagement metrics, and custom dashboards to help them make the right impact on their audience. It also helps them identify the most effective campaigns and posts to engage customers and convert them to leads. The tool also helps companies position themselves as thought leaders and share content that is relevant to their audience.

Oktopost is an enterprise-grade platform that helps B2B marketers monitor, manage, and measure social media activities across all channels. It is highly customizable and seamlessly integrates with all social platforms. Its social media tools help businesses measure their social media efforts and tie the results back to their bottom line.

Oktopost is an excellent solution for B2B marketers that need to measure the ROI of their social media campaigns. The platform helps marketers create custom dashboards in minutes, which include everything from buyer’s journey metrics to demand generation. Additionally, Oktopost allows users to attribute new leads to specific campaigns or profiles. Using this platform, B2B marketers can pinpoint the impact of individual posts, channels, and profiles on sales, revenue, and ROI.


Socedo is a social media analytics tool that helps businesses find the right audience for their marketing efforts. It identifies your target audience and generates leads based on real-time buying signals. It also allows you to create automated campaigns and engage with your audience. Socedo is integrated with CRMs like Hubspot and Marketo. You can automatically add these leads to your CRM and see how they are performing.

Social media monitoring can be a daunting task if you do not know where to start. With Socedo, you can easily find potential leads by searching for their Twitter bio, tweets, and locations. Finding new leads can take up a lot of time for many businesses. Plus, Socedo can follow people for you, send them auto messages, and give you a full report of all leads.

Socedo is a cloud-based marketing platform that uses data from Twitter to identify in-market prospects. With this tool, you can uncover your target audience on Twitter and engage with them with a single click. The system will then automatically fill your database with qualified leads. Using the right content, you’ll be able to connect with your ideal prospects and win their business.

Socedo is one of the most comprehensive social media management tools. Its powerful analytics tools allow you to see where your audience is and what content is engaging them. It also helps you grow your social network. You can even publish your blog posts to your social media accounts. This tool is perfect for businesses that want to increase their reach through social media.


Later has a range of social media tools, such as an easy-to-use dashboard that lets you see what you’ve posted over the past week. You can also see what time of day is best to post, and batch-create posts that cover a whole week. Later also offers analytics to guide your campaigns. It can also help you determine which hashtags are working the best.

Later is a cloud-based tool that helps organizations manage and schedule posts on multiple social networks. Its features include a visual content calendar that lets users schedule and manage posts, automatic publishing, and analytics. Later also allows you to schedule Instagram stories, as well as Twitter and Facebook posts. The app also has support for other social networks, and allows you to import media from your computer or Google Drive.

Later also has a free link tool that helps you link to various websites and blogs, as well as shoppable Instagram feeds. It’s a good choice for bigger enterprises, as it’s suitable for a wider range of social media platforms. It also offers an enterprise plan with security features. Regardless of your budget, it’s worth trying out Later if you’re looking for a powerful social media management tool.

Later is an excellent social media automation tool for marketers, as it allows them to schedule and publish posts on multiple platforms. Its easy-to-use features and detailed analytics help boost reach and ROI.


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About the Author: Walter Acosta

Walter Acosta is a blogger. His primary interests are in digital marketing and content creation and curation.