How to Use Video Social Media Marketing to Reach New Customers

You can use video social media marketing to reach new customers. There are several different platforms where you can upload video, including Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. These platforms each have a unique set of features and benefits. By utilizing these platforms, you can reach a wide variety of people in an effortless and effective manner.


One of the most important aspects of YouTube video social media marketing is building a subscriber community. This requires you to engage your audience with quality content, answer audience questions, and respond to comments promptly. In addition, you should engage your audience with interactive video content like live Q&A sessions, behind-the-scenes content, and premiere videos. Subscribers are the bread and butter of any YouTube channel, and the more you can attract, the better. Having a larger list of subscribers means you’re more likely to rank higher in YouTube’s algorithm.

One of the best ways to engage viewers is to offer them a call to action. Include a link to your website, social media platforms, or specific products and services you sell. You can also include a link to a landing page that offers more information. These links will help your subscribers convert into business subscribers and increase your visibility on YouTube.

YouTube has an incredibly robust advertising platform. You can advertise your product or service on the site through Google Adwords. This makes YouTube video social media marketing a great way to reach a large audience. In fact, research has shown that more than 80 percent of US internet users are on YouTube. As a result, YouTube has become a highly competitive place to market products and services.

Using hashtags is another effective way to connect with your audience. These hashtags can relate to the day of the week, the topic of the video, or fashion trends.


Facebook is a great place to use video social media marketing. You can post several types of videos on the site. For example, you can post video testimonials from your satisfied customers. This will help your brand come off more genuine, and satisfied customers are more likely to share your brand. You can also use your video to provide social proof to potential customers.

Videos can be viewed on mobile devices, which makes them an ideal medium. They also allow for autoplaying, which grabs a user’s attention right away. In addition, you can use Facebook’s Canvas unit for a fully immersive experience. This unit fills the News Feed and enables advertisers to create captivating stories. In addition, Facebook tracks actions taken and metrics on video viewing.

Video social media marketing on Facebook is also a great way to reach more people. Compared to still images, videos have higher organic reach on Facebook. Videos also increase the trust of a business, with 57% of consumers saying that watching a video increases their confidence in making a purchase online. They are also an effective way to explain complicated concepts. Using video on Facebook is a great way to generate more sales and increase your online presence.

Facebook videos can be short or long, with a maximum length of 240 minutes. Currently, the most popular videos on Facebook are 132 seconds long. In order to get maximum engagement and traffic from your videos, you need to create a compelling video content. Moreover, you should also ensure that you have an accurate thumbnail and title. You should also add video tags to your videos to help the platform display the correct videos to the right audience.

Video social media marketing on Facebook is a great way to reach the right audience and create a dynamic ad. While most people want to watch more videos, video marketing can be intimidating for new marketers. Regardless of your experience, the following tips will help you create effective video content for Facebook.


When you are looking to maximize your video marketing efforts on Instagram, you should make sure to use the correct video format. Instagram recommends a maximum resolution of 1:1 for in-feed ads and 9:16 for story ads. These dimensions allow your video to be viewed across the entire screen. Instagram also allows you to add captions and sounds to your video.

One of the most effective Instagram video formats is an explainer video. This type of content can quickly explain a complex product or service in an easy-to-follow manner. It can also feature expert thought leadership to hook your viewers. Another effective approach is to use visuals, such as photos or GIFs, to make your videos stand out. This method allows you to build a personal bond with your audience.

Instagram video marketing is a great way to get in front of a new audience and increase engagement. Because Instagram is saturated with content, videos are an effective way to show off your brand’s features and tell a compelling story. It is important to create engaging videos that capture the viewer’s attention and lead to conversion.

To make your Instagram video more engaging, use captions. Although most Instagram users watch videos without sound, you can still use text to help them digest your messaging. If you want to include a caption, you can use animated text effects. Instagram also has two video formats, Instagram Stories and Instagram TV, which are both suitable for short messaging and longer videos. Using these formats is an excellent way to launch a new product, host a tutorial, or share an ad.

The use of fonts and colors is very important in Instagram video social media marketing. Use muted colors and avoid using bright, bold colors. This will help your videos stand out more and get more organic likes.


If you’re looking for a unique way to market your brand on social media, try creating a TikTok video. These videos, which are 15 seconds to 3 minutes long, are a great way to engage your audience. The short duration means that they are perfect for short attention spans. Also, they appear authentic and natural.

You can create your videos in many different genres and themes. For example, you could use different sound bytes and highlight different aspects of your product. Another great way to engage with your target audience is by running a contest or giveaway. You can also make fun videos about your product and show off the fun side of it.

To maximize your success on TikTok, think about your brand’s overall strategy. Also, look at what’s trending and create content around that. Try to be as creative as possible, but don’t forget to educate your viewers about your brand. You can also use hashtags to create posts.

Another way to engage with consumers on TikTok is to offer challenges. A popular challenge attracts millions of users, and you can take advantage of that. For example, the #eyeslipsface challenge attracted more than four billion views and over 5 million video contributions. The growth of TikTok has made it one of the most exciting new advertising channels. It is not as saturated as other social media platforms, so generating impressions can be more affordable.

TikTok has made it easy for people to make their own videos. The platform also has a platform that allows users to create their own branded pages. While you can’t afford a high-end video production studio, you can use the app’s built-in tools to create engaging content. Remember to be authentic when posting content, and make sure it has a high chance of being shared with others.


If you’re trying to gain a foothold in Twitter’s social media landscape, video is an excellent way to get more engagement. Videos have the potential to increase brand awareness, generate more retweets, and generate higher engagement than text posts alone. Twitter has a growing video audience, and marketing videos can help you position your brand and promote products.

You can use Twitter’s built-in analytics to learn what your audience is watching and what they’re doing. You can also see how many interactions a video has received. This includes likes and replies, hashtag searches, and tweet expansion. In addition, you can measure how long people watch your videos. This will help you determine if your videos are attracting attention.

Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms. Approximately 67% of B2B companies use Twitter. Compared to other platforms, users on Twitter are more likely to view and engage with ads. Moreover, Twitter users are more likely to buy new products. Additionally, Twitter users spend more time on Twitter than any other social media site.

You can create and upload videos directly from your computer or from your phone. You can even import videos from Android, iPhone, or iPad. Alternatively, you can record your videos directly in the Twitter app. To record, hold the video button and release it when you are finished recording. In this way, you can easily share your videos with your audience.

Twitter is a great place to create a social customer experience and to engage with your customers. By creating an audience for your videos, you can reach a wider audience, boost engagement, and increase brand awareness. But before you get started with video social media marketing on Twitter, you should understand your target audience and the type of content they like to view.

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