How to Create and Schedule Social Media Posts

Creating a social media schedule will help you keep a tab on your content list and schedule posts. It will also help you add fresh content to increase your posts’ magnetic fields, attracting a wide audience. Moreover, you can also use it to keep track of important events and reach your target audience.

Hootsuite Planner

With its built-in Planner tool, Hootsuite makes it easy to schedule social media posts. It also enables you to identify publishing gaps and collaborate with your team to create and publish content. Scheduled posts can be drafted, saved as drafts, and uploaded with a single click.

A visual calendar gives you a clear view of your upcoming social media posts. You can drag and drop the posts you want to share on different social media channels to the appropriate time slots. You can also share your calendar with colleagues and set custom approval workflows. Additionally, you can also edit or delete scheduled posts.

Hootsuite is a popular social media scheduling tool. It lets you manage multiple social media accounts with just a click. It also provides comprehensive reporting and unified analytics. You can see the results of your organic and paid campaigns, and make informed decisions. You can also easily make quick edits to active campaigns. Hootsuite is your all-in-one social media toolkit.

The scheduling tools you use have an API connection to your social media accounts. This means that your content will automatically post on the appropriate platform at the time you specify. You can even connect your Hootsuite account with Hootsuite and schedule your posts right from your dashboard.

Another feature is the ability to assign tasks to your team. You can assign items to yourself or assign to other team members, and you can view them as well. This feature is available for Business and Enterprise users. Users can assign responsibilities and create templates. You can also add links to your posts and preview them before publishing them.

In addition to planning, Hootsuite Planner also provides a powerful dashboard where you can monitor all of your social media activity. It allows you to create an all-in-one dashboard that shows you your content schedule, engage with your followers, and manage your social media strategy.

This tool also has a content calendar, where you can see the content you’ve scheduled for the day. The calendar also allows you to import your existing schedule into another calendar. This function works with most major social networks and many lesser-known social media. The software has more than 20 platforms.


You can easily schedule posts in your social media accounts using Iconosquare’s scheduling tool. It allows you to select the type of posts and upload images or videos. It also allows you to customize captions for your posts. You can also add important dates such as National Days. To schedule posts in Iconosquare, all you have to do is download the app on your mobile device and access the sidebar. Then, you can find the tabs “publishing” and “scheduling.”

Iconosquare also offers an Industry Benchmark feature, which compares your profile with other profiles in your industry. You can also look at your audience’s activities and preferences to see when to post. Then, you can choose a time slot for your posts. This will help you keep up with trends in your industry.

The free trial of Iconosquare lets you test the software for 14 days. The paid plan is $39/month, while the pro plan costs $79/month. Regardless of the plan you choose, Iconosquare has a variety of features. For example, you can use it to schedule your Instagram posts. This way, you can be sure that they’ll be posted when you want them to.

Another great feature of Iconosquare is its easy-to-use interface. The interface is clean and most features are self-explanatory. It also provides excellent data to help you create a sound online marketing strategy. Iconosquare also lets you know the best times to post on different social networks. You can also collaborate with external collaborators through the scheduler to create content with the best timing.

Iconosquare also offers analytics that include data on how users react to your posts. It can also alert you when it’s time to post and can track your competitors’ activities. If you’re using social media, it’s vital to understand how your followers interact with your content. With Iconosquare, you’ll be able to see exactly what your audience is thinking and feeling.

Iconosquare also provides tagging, which helps your content get discovered on social media. It lets you tag accounts, locations, and Facebook pages. It also allows you to save captions ahead of time and access them when scheduling your posts. It also gives you suggestions based on recently used hashtags.


HeyOrca is a social media scheduling tool that offers a simple user interface that allows you to create, edit and schedule social media posts. The program comes with a calendar that lets you see upcoming posts, as well as the ability to customize your calendar with specific dates. By utilizing the calendar, you can create social media posts, collaborate with your team and manage your content efficiently. HeyOrca also offers a training video series that covers everything from how to get started to how to design and schedule social media posts.

HeyOrca’s scheduling and collaboration tools make it ideal for agencies that manage multiple brands. This tool allows you to schedule posts to Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin, as well as other networks. Its simple interface uses social media network standard colors and is easy to use. Besides its scheduling and collaboration capabilities, HeyOrca also lets you manage multiple brands with the same account.

Another feature of HeyOrca is the ability to share drafts of posts and get approval from your team. You can invite stakeholders to approve the content without requiring them to sign up for an account. HeyOrca also provides an automated reminder system for posts that are scheduled for publication. It also offers the ability to add a link to your calendar to share with others.

HeyOrca also allows users to add media for use in future posts. You can add videos or images. You can also assign tags to your posts. The HeyOrca platform also provides reporting on key metrics over time. This helps you determine how well your social media marketing campaigns are performing. There are some downsides, but HeyOrca is well worth checking out if you want to streamline your social media management.

If you use multiple social accounts, HeyOrca lets you connect them to your calendar. To connect them, click the gear icon on the dashboard or on the left navigation bar of any page. Then, select the account you want to connect. Ensure that the accounts have the correct permissions.


Later has been around for almost four years and has grown from humble beginnings as a simple Instagram scheduler to a multi-platform platform. The app now integrates with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram, and lets you schedule posts to both the main feeds and stories. It also lets you upload photos, video, and media directly from your computer or DropBox, or write copy in the Create Post option.

Later offers a free tier and three paid plans. The Starter plan costs $18 per month, while the Growth and Advanced plans cost $40 to $80, respectively. The plans vary according to the number of users and social sets you wish to manage. You can also take advantage of a 17% discount if you pay annually.

Later also features a multi-post scheduling feature that lets you schedule multiple posts at once. To use this feature, you simply select the social channels, select a photo, write a caption and set a time. When the time comes, your posts will appear on all your social media accounts at the same time. The app also lets you edit your images and captions.

Unlike Publer, Later provides a user-friendly dashboard to manage your accounts. It even allows you to customize your posts, and manage all social media platforms in one place. The app also provides customizable features, such as drafts, and high-quality stock photos. Furthermore, you can upload unlimited content from anywhere, including desktop and Dropbox files. It also has a feature to let you know whenever you get a mention or a comment.

Later also has an in-built Instagram feature. This feature lets you reply to comments, and you can also see who the commenter is. There are several filter options that let you easily sort through the comments. You can even see the person’s bio and how many followers they have. It’s a great tool for Instagram marketers and can streamline your social media marketing strategy.


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