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The process of gathering and analyzing data from social media networks is known as social media analytics. Marketers commonly use this method to monitor and track the conversations that happen on social media. It allows marketers to identify which topics and content are most interesting to consumers. It is also a great way to determine which campaigns and social media accounts are producing the most engagement.


Hootsuite is a great tool to help you understand how people are talking about your business. It lets you see who is engaging in your content, and it notifies you when there is an issue. Its free tier is a good choice for people who want to test out social media management. It allows you to connect to three social media accounts.

The Hootsuite analytics platform lets you compare data across multiple social media platforms. This way, you can see which posts and images are the most popular. It even helps you determine when the most effective times are to post. It also has conversion trackers, so you can measure whether your content is generating any leads. The integration with Brandwatch also makes it a great tool to measure your brand’s effectiveness on social media. For example, you can analyze the use of emoji to increase brand awareness or detect instances of your brand’s logo in pictures.

In addition to the social media monitoring tools, Hootsuite has also added customizable reports to its platform. Users can choose from more than 30 pre-built report templates or build their own customized reports. They can even overlay social media data on their reports. They can also use the reporting features to analyze the impact of different strategies and tactics.

With Hootsuite Analytics, you can analyze the impact of each social media campaign on your business. You can see what kind of campaigns are working best for your company. Using this tool will allow you to optimize your social media budget. This tool is also free to use. You can set up a free trial to see if it works for you.

Hootsuite also offers an easy way to assign tasks to your team. All you need to do is connect your Hootsuite account to your organization. From there, you can send and view assignments to other team members or yourself. You can also connect third-party tools and get more detailed information on your audience.

With Hootsuite analytics, you can see which social media posts are working best and which ones are not. With this, you can easily analyze your social media campaign and improve your posts in the future. Hootsuite also helps you to see what type of content is resonating with your audience.

Another feature of Hootsuite Analytics is the ability to view multiple social networks at the same time. This allows you to compare how your social media efforts are doing against specific business goals and make adjustments to improve your results. You can also export the data and build custom reports. It also allows you to compare paid and organic content side by side.

Hevo Data

Hevo Data has many features to help you manage your social media presence and improve your business. For example, the platform includes a powerful reporting tool, which helps you see how your followers engage with your content. Additionally, it includes an automated process for data management, saving you valuable developer time. The tool can also help you gain insight into your users’ behavior, with over 100 prebuilt integrations. In addition, the platform allows you to customize and brand reports with your own logo and information.

Hevo Data is easy to use and comes with a number of features that are vital to your business and relationship with clients. For example, it helps you create a personal connection with your clients and help them resolve issues with your products or services. Moreover, it has the ability to extract, transform, load, and blend data from various sources. This feature can give you a clear idea of which content is working well for your business.

Another feature that sets Hevo apart is its cloud-based data pipeline platform. It combines data from disparate applications and data sources in real time to help companies understand their customers and users better. The company claims to have grown revenue four times in the past year, and is on track to increase revenue by three times this year. It has received $43 million in venture capital funding from investors including Sequoia Capital and Chiratae Ventures. This reflects its growing success and plans to expand its workforce and continue to develop its product offerings.

The company claims to have more than 100 integrations with popular data platforms. This allows users to quickly set up a data pipeline. It also supports a variety of databases, including PostgreSQL, MySQL, and MariaDB. The integrations allow organizations to connect and analyze a wide range of data sources without requiring engineers to dedicate time and resources to development.

The company has offices in San Francisco and Bangalore. It offers a no-code platform to automate the reporting process. It connects to over 100 data sources and analyzes it in multiple formats. Its two-step process helps collect data from various platforms and compile it into an easy to understand dashboard. This dashboard helps users analyze their performance.

Hevo is a cloud-based platform for data pipelines. With its REST API, Hevo enables data teams to integrate data from various sources, simplifying their data management process and streamlining their analytical workflows. In addition, the platform supports over 100 data formats and streaming services. This means that users can quickly and easily connect, analyze, and discover data from all types of sources.

When it comes to support, the company offers an online chat interface and a support ticket system. It also offers comprehensive documentation, including articles, tutorials, and whitepapers.


Using Qualtrics analytics social media can help your business monitor customer satisfaction levels, close gaps, and outperform competitors. The system offers comprehensive data on hundreds of social channels. It can also be used to gather and share social media insights within your business. In addition, the platform also includes industry-leading text analytics.

Qualtrics also offers robust training services for users. Clients are assigned a team of professionals, including an Implementation Consultant and a Client Success Consultant. These experts are available to answer any questions you might have about the Qualtrics system, and conduct live trainings to help you get started as quickly as possible. Qualtrics offers a phased implementation approach, and each phase includes a training opportunity.

Text iQ allows you to analyze both structured and unstructured text. The tool provides numerous widgets to display data. For example, you can see how frequently a term occurs in the text, and the dots get bigger as more frequently the term is mentioned. You can also perform lemmatization, which breaks words into roots, and tag words by their root. The Stats iQ tool can also help you dig deeper into your analysis, identifying trends and developing predictive models.

Qualtrics also offers offline applications that let you collect data offline, then upload them to the Qualtrics project. Download the app from the app store or Google Play Store. To install it, you need an API token. A Brand Administrator can give you more information, but make sure to enable the “Use Offline Mobile App” permission in your account.

Social media analytics tools cannot listen to every social channel. In addition, they cannot tell you what is causing social conversations. The best social media analytics tool will allow you to identify trends and sentiment that will help you to tailor your business strategy. However, it cannot listen to all social channels, so it won’t provide you with the deepest insights.


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