13 [Free + Paid] Social Media Reporting Tools In 2022

Social media reports are integral to monitoring your brand’s performance on social media and for creating an informed content strategy.

While social media provides us with a ton of data about our posts, distinguishing signals from the noise remains a challenge.

When it comes to sharing the month’s results with your boss or clients, you need to present a high-level overview of what worked, and what didn’t and show if you hit your goals.

Enter social media reporting.

What is the need for social media reporting?

Your business’s ability to build followers and convert them into customers requires answering questions backed by data.

Let’s say, how would you decide which social media platform deserves more of your time and budget? Can you measure the impact of your brand’s social media presence on your business?

According to SproutSocial, 63% of marketers are expected to discuss social media ROI with their bosses to justify the spending on marketing and social media. However, measuring the ROI of social media remains elusive for many marketers.

Social media reporting includes the key wins, most important metrics, and major learnings – perfect to be shared with clients and your teams.

The right social media reporting tools give you the analytics you need to grow your brand on social media channels. Here are the top 13 social media reporting tools:

#1. Keyhole

Keyhole empowers global brands & agencies to automate their social media reporting. Manually creating spreadsheets, maintaining them and pulling out data from each social media account, and updating the same spreadsheet every week takes up several hours each month.

Instead, Keyhole automatically tracks all your social media accounts, compares the performance against your competitors, and creates ready-to-download reports with a few clicks.

Features of Keyhole

  • Shareable dashboards simplify your reporting process – If you are relying on multiple teams to aggregate social media data for all owned accounts, Keyhole gives you a dashboard that can be shared with the team and clients. The live dashboard delivers the latest reports within seconds.
  • Benchmark your performance against competitors – Understand your competitor’s campaigns, influencers, and content strategies. Alongside, utilize social media metrics to identify their strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities to stay ahead of them.
  • Report your influencer campaigns on our dynamic dashboard – Keyhole allows you to get access to all influencer-related and campaign-based data in real-time.

Pricing – Customized. Request a custom pricing now.

#2. DashThis

If your social media marketing strategy involves multiple tools like Google Analytics, social media management tools, or analytics platforms, retrieving data from each of them becomes a pain. DashThis links all your social media reporting tools in one place and fetches data from these tools.

Features of DashThis

  • Combine data from all your reporting tools – Find which of your social media campaigns are working and measure the audience engagement across all your social media channels simultaneously. Your CSV files will be automatically updated every month.
  • Social media report templates – The pre-built social media reporting templates include standard social media KPIs. C the reports to visualize the data the way you want.
  • White-label dashboard reports – Add your own logo and URL and customize the theme with your brand, client’s brand and colors to reflect your branding.

Pricing – Starts from $33/month up to $339/month.

#3. Supermetrics

Social media reporting platform Supermetrics creates automated social media reports across channels like LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and more.

Used by SMBs, enterprises, agencies, and eCommerce companies, Supermetrics helps you analyze data and build reports using tools you already know and use.

Features of Supermetrics

  • Build interactive cross-channel dashboards – Within Google Data Studio, Supermetrics creates interactive social media dashboards. Once you connect all data sources that you’re tracking (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and beyond), cross-channel data will automatically flow into a single view.
  • Measure brand and community engagement – Tracking cross-channel engagement manually is error-prone. With Supermetrics you can pull granular campaign-level data into the dashboard and automate campaign monitoring.
  • Automate data importing – Supermetrics for Excel and Google Sheets imports social media engagement data and metrics in one place.

Pricing – Starts from €99 up to €499.

#4. Databox

If page reach, post reach, page comments, followers by geography, follower rate, and goal tracking are a part of your social media reports, Databox has an array of features to help marketers build dashboards, track performance, and report results quickly.

Track social media marketing performance from Instagram, LinkedIn, and more. Connect your data source and immediately visualize your key social media metrics.

Features of Databox

  • Get a high-level view of your strategy – Connect your social media accounts to view the total reach and engagement, and audience demographics and compare all platforms side by side. View the peaks and valleys of impressions and compare account growth.
  • Dig deeper into specific posts or platforms – The social media dashboard enables you to spot content sending the most traffic to your website and gaining maximum traction.
  • Align your social media team and channels – Identify areas of opportunity and optimization by drawing a correlation between activities driving sales and leads by visualizing the entire funnel from followers to sales. Sync your social media strategies for a bigger revenue impact.
  • Share a data-backed proof of how your social media strategy works – Choose from beautiful templates, add your brand colors or white labeling and send professional reports in minutes.

Pricing – A free basic plan along with $72/month for individuals, $135/month for small and medium agencies, and $231/month for enterprises.

#5. Reportei

Generate social media reports by collecting data from different social media platforms. Using Reportei‘s streamlined data, social media marketers can easily analyze their brand’s performance and make necessary adjustments and optimizations.

Features of Reportei

  • Track metrics – Across a multitude of social media platforms, track different metrics including click-through rate, total reach, impressions, clicks, the average cost per click, and more.
  • Present reports – Create personalized and unlimited digital marketing and social media reports to boost your team’s productivity and improve customer communications.

Pricing – Starts from $24.50/month up to $64.50.

#6. Sociality

This social media reporting tool ensures that you don’t waste hours on weekly and monthly reports and the ready-to-present reports are free of mistakes that usually arise when reports are manually made.

Features of Sociality

  • Create unlimited reportsSociality allows you to create as many reports as you like at no additional cost, for all social media platforms.
  • View detailed reports – Detailed fan, reach and engagement analysis for your page helps you increase the page performance. By analyzing your most engaging content, you can develop a data-backed content strategy.
  • Create custom-made reports – Create reports at as many intervals as you require, by adding your own brand colors and presenting the metrics that matter most to your brand.

Pricing – Starts from $99/month.

#7. Hootsuite

Demonstrate the value of your social media marketing efforts to your boss by allowing Hootsuite to assess your performance and summarize the story in the form of visually appealing social media reports.

Features of Hootsuite

  • Efficiently analyze performance – Customizable reports make it easy to distill and understand the most meaningful facts and figures for your company. View your results on all social media in a single place, set benchmarks, and monitor improvements.
  • Optimize for better results – Actionable insights without heavy lifting set you up for success.
  • Find your ROI – Calculate the return on your social media investment right from how your social media channels drive leads and conversions to sales. The dashboard has easy-to-read graphs, tables, and KPI summaries.

Pricing – Starts from $29/month.

#8. Mentionlytics

Social media report builder Mentionlytics is commonly used by agencies, non-profits, and financial institutions. Beautiful customized reports give marketers clear and actionable insights.

Features of Mentionlytics

  • Drag and drop elements – User-friendly drag and drop elements enable you to create your personalized reports that can also be saved as templates for future use.
  • Highlight data that matters – Choose from an array of metrics and KPIs like mentions, social reach, engagement, sentiment analysis, and more to showcase a clear view of your social media marketing efforts.
  • Create white labeled reports – Use your own titles, texts, and colors for each section of the report. Agencies can place their company logo before sending the report to clients.

Pricing – Starts from $49/month.

#9. NapoleonCat

Social media reporting tool NapoleonCat creates professionally designed in-depth social media reports aimed at helping you improve your business’ performance.

Features of NapoleanCat

  • Track metrics that matter – Engagement, followers, reach, top content, and more are the metrics you can track overtime to see the bigger picture. Turn data into helpful recommendations to consistently grow your social media presence.
  • Automate the sending of your reports – Schedule and automatically send weekly quarterly or monthly reports to your team or people on the client side.
  • Report competitor’s performance – Track your competitor’s social media performance effortlessly by defining benchmarks.

Pricing – Starts from $25.25/month.

#10. Sotrender

AI-enhanced social media reporting helps brands measure performance and brand equity with proprietary industry indexes and scores. For real-time reporting, the tool connects all your data into a unified digital dashboard.

Features of Sotrender

  • Data aggregation and visualization – Save time by getting your Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or Instagram reports in the same format.
  • Track your organic and paid results – Gain access to all your organic and paid KPIs within a few clicks.
  • Generate competitor comparison reports – Keep an eye on your competitor’s organic and paid performance and compare their progress against your KPIs.

Pricing – Starts from $59/month up to $331/month.

#11. Cyfe

If you’re looking to pull data from social media, marketing, sales and analytics, the social media reporting tool Cyfe allows you to monitor and visualize your brand on one easy-to-use real-time dashboard.

Features of Cyfe

  • Prebuilt dashboard templates – Find and modify the perfect online dashboard template to connect your data and start monitoring your KPIs.
  • Easy to set up and manage – Configure pre-populated widgets such as Google Analytics, Facebook pages, Facebook ads, Instagram pages, and more.
  • Automated reports and widget alerts – Schedule automated reports of your data in PNG, PDF, CSV, and JPEG formats. Monitor metrics even when you’re away in the form of alerts via SMS.

Pricing – Starts from $19/month.

#12. Quintly

Automated reports are useful for both agencies and any kind of business as it helps inform all parties daily about your company’s social media performance. Quintly, the social media reporting tool makes it easy to create simple, comprehensive, and automated reports.

Features of Quintly

  • Streamline your workflow – Instead of constantly tracking metrics and recipients all the time, Quintly helps you set up social media reports and schedule their delivery.
  • Benchmark your performance – Make your social media reporting comprehensive by reporting your own performance as well as competitors’ to see how well you did. Combine your data from all platforms and compare the performance on each social media.

Pricing – $345/month.

#13. Brandwatch

The well-structured social media reports by Brandwatch give you the chance to discover social media insights and assess your brand’s social media performance.

Features of Brandwatch

  • Summary of performance – See the summary of the most important social media performance metrics. With a single click, you get access to an in-depth analysis of each platform.

Pricing – Starts from $49/month.

Automate your social media reporting

Manually tracking your social media performance across multiple channels and creating social media reports is a tedious task.
Luckily, the social media reporting tool Keyhole helps you gather all your social media data into beautiful, professional, and personalized analytics reports. Start a free trial now or book a personalized demo.

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