The Death & Afterlife of Content Marketing [Video]

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Michael Diego is the Co-Founder and CEO of Wise Assistant, a word-of-mouth marketing platform that helps aspiring creative solopreneurs start and run their business, grow, and monetize their personal brands. Michael has experience building teams, products, and businesses from the ground up all around the world, and much insight into the benefits of influencer marketing.Michael joins Josh Becerra in episode 24 of How I Work to discuss the benefits of influencer marketing and the importance of fostering relationships with influencers to ensure genuine and honest word-of-mouth marketing. Plus, he dives into:The shift in marketing: from conventional to narrow cast mediaWhy you don’t want to look at influencer marketing from a transactional perspectiveThe influencer lifecycle: Discovery, Communication, & Tracking ROILearn more about Michael Diego and Wise Assistant:

By: Curator
Title: The Death & Afterlife of Content Marketing [Video]
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Published Date: 09/23/22

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