Thanksgiving Email Marketing Campaign Examples

18th October 2022
Thanksgiving is a season of reflection and gratitude. For online businesses, though, the holiday season isn’t a time to sit and rest – it’s a busy time to increase those holiday season sales.
In this blog post, we will be taking a look at some examples of Thanksgiving email marketing campaigns, and we’ll delve into why they work well.
Ready to be inspired and reflect on what your future Thanksgiving email marketing campaigns might look like? Let’s get started.
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1) Lovesac shares their gratitudeIt’s always nice to feel appreciated. In this simple note from the CEO and co-founder, Lovesac expresses gratitude to their most loyal customers and wishes them a happy Thanksgiving day.

Source: Lovesac email
2) Laura makes use of personalized product recommendationsIn the Thanksgiving email

By: Danielle Beuker
Title: Thanksgiving Email Marketing Campaign Examples
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Published Date: 10/18/22

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