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by Scott D. Clary

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AI: The Future Of Content Marketing When you try to imagine the founder of an artificial intelligence company, you might envision something like Jesse Eisenberg’s performance in The Social Network, or maybe the guys from Silicon Valley. 
I certainly didn’t think of someone like Kate Bradley, the line cook-turned-rock DJ-turned-marketing superstar that is now CEO of Lately.ai. 
There was absolutely no social awkwardness from Kate when she joined the Success Story podcast in September. We clicked immediately and could have talked for hours over a beer (or even a non-alcoholic one, like she suggested). 
So how did someone go from broadcasting to millions of people to running a content marketing firm with massive, international clients? Listen to her for five minutes and you’ll get it. As she put it, her talent is “turning customers into evangelists.”

Let’s get Sirius Kate was a Music Director for Sirius XM and has 25 years of experience in broadcasting, and as she puts it, that is exactly where she started to refine her marketing approach. 
The way that artists covered songs, the way she needed to speak into the microphone, the way she learned how your brain catalogues and connects music as soon as you hear it. 
“What I learned through the neuroscience of music, listening through radio actually turns out to be one of the largest informers of how Lately’s AI works,” she explained to me, before popping to another topic entirely.
That’s kind of how our conversation went, and how it seems like every conversation with Kate goes. “I don’t talk linearly. I’m all over the place.”
That’s part of her charm and a big part of her success. Her process isn’t repeatable – at least it wasn’t until she found a way for (part of) it to be

By: Scott D. Clary
Title: Kate Bradley | AI: the Future of Content Marketing | Scott’s Daily Newsletter
Sourced From: newsletter.scottdclary.com/p/kate-bradley-ai-future-content-marketing
Published Date: 10/19/22

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