Content Marketing Secrets 1

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Is old-school B2B marketing broken beyond repair? With every brand out there reading from the same playbook, it’s harder than ever to stand out and grab your audience’s attention.So, what can marketers do instead?In this special episode of Demand Gen U, Mark Huber, Head of Brand & Product Marketing at Metadata, speaks with Adam Goyette, Founder of Curdis, about why the traditional B2B playbook should be tossed out. They explore some overlooked areas of marketing, common trends in online advertising, and how to do things differently. Find out: • Why B2B marketing is broken• How you can start doing things differently• Which elements of marketing you shouldn’t overlookTo learn how to avoid relying on the same playbook as everyone else, tune in to hear Adam and Mark’s tips for B2B marketing success. 0:00 – 2:13 Intro2:13 – 4:57 Adam explains the most important lessons in his career 4:57 – 6:44 Why people are still working from the same old playbook6:44 – 9:22 Why it’s up to marketing leadership to forge a new strategy9:22 – 14:22 How to start marketing differently 14:22 – 16:44 How to set realistic goals 16:44 – 22:21 Why you need to create a culture of trying new things 22:21 – 27:58 How to review new marketing campaign ideas 27:58 – 31:07 How you talk about your product makes all the difference 31:07 – 32:13 Why you should keep an eye on the competition32:13 – 36:11 Why ad creative needs to get people to stop scrolling first and foremost 36:11 – 38:14 Overlooked areas of ad campaigns 38:14 – 40:49 The top marketing trends Adam is noticing 40:49 – 44:03 Adam explains how he runs through new marketing ideas 44:03 – 44:20 OutroIf you’d like to learn more, reach out and schedule a demo:🔴 Subscribe for more content on YouTube: 😀 Check out our social media channels: Facebook: LinkedIn: Twitter: 🎧 Check out our podcast – Demand Gen U on all the podcasting apps e.g. Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music, Stitcher etc#demandgen #metadata #b2bmarketing

By: Curator
Title: Content Marketing Secrets 1
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Published Date: 09/24/22

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