Meet James

Not just for 20-somethings. Look at James, a busy father with a successful online business.

This story made me laugh. James’ wife was furious when she found out he had spend $1,000 on a course…that is, until he showed her the results. Check it out:

James made an extra $60,000 from my Earn1K course, bringing his total tutor revenue to $180,000.

But, living a Rich Life isn’t just about money.

James had a family and a son on the way. He knew that there was a limit to what he could make tutoring — and also a limit on the time he wanted to spend with clients instead of family.

What does a Rich Life mean for you? Here’s how James would answer that question:

The thing is, James isn’t a tech or sales expert, he’s a chemistry teacher.

When he first created an online product, he felt that he had the “haunting feeling he was missing something.” See how the tested system in Zero to Launch was able to fill the gaps that other experts couldn’t:

How do you find paying customers in a small, unique niche?

James knew that students were struggling with one of the toughest courses in college, but wasn’t sure how to connect on their level.

A massive shift happened when he was able to get into the heads of eager pre-med students:

James’ results with Zero to Launch

These insights were game-changing for James, but they didn’t come overnight.

And now that James has laid the groundwork, he knows it’s just the tip of the iceberg for his business.

An eager customer asking James for MORE products

He can continue to improve his business for massive results. For example, check out how James made one small tweak that increased conversions 30x:

Chemistry tutoring isn’t a niche people would think about as a lucrative online business. With the help of the Zero to Launch system, James was able to find his customers, understand them on a deep level, and build a business that will continue to grow over time.

Find your own business idea

If you want the freedom and flexibility that comes with an online business but don’t have an idea, we have something for you.

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