What Type of Business Would You Build if Given the Opportunity?

When given the opportunity to create a business, one may wonder what type of venture would be the most promising and fulfilling. In this blog post, we explore the potential options a person might consider when embarking on their entrepreneurial journey. By delving into various industries and exploring the unique aspects they offer, we can gain insight into the business possibilities that await someone with an entrepreneurial spirit. From innovative tech startups to socially-conscious enterprises, join us as we delve into the realm of possible business ventures that could captivate the imagination and pave the way for success.


In this engaging and informative video, Chase Dimond and Cardinal Mason delve into the fascinating topic of what type of business they would build if given the opportunity. Throughout their discussion, they share valuable insights, strategies, and tax tips that can help entrepreneurs navigate the complexities of business ownership. Additionally, they provide practical advice on how to utilize the LinkedIn business platform for optimal growth and success. Join them on this enlightening journey as they explore the possibilities and impart their wisdom on building a thriving business.

Chase Dimond and Cardinal Mason Discuss Tax Tips

In this episode, Chase Dimond and Cardinal Mason kick off their conversation by delving into the realm of tax tips. As successful entrepreneurs themselves, they understand the importance of staying informed about tax-related strategies and advice. They explore various tax-saving techniques, such as deductions, credits, and structuring business entities. By leveraging their expertise, they shed light on how entrepreneurs can optimize their tax strategies and reduce their overall tax burden.

Dream Businesses and Building Opportunities

Both Chase Dimond and Cardinal Mason have thriving businesses, but they never shy away from discussing their dream businesses. During this video, they excitedly share their visions and ideas for businesses that they would love to build if given the opportunity. Their enthusiasm for entrepreneurship is contagious, and their insightful perspectives provide inspiration for aspiring business owners.

Making the Most of LinkedIn for Business Growth

Another highlight of this episode is the update on the LinkedIn business platform. Chase Dimond and Cardinal Mason highlight the significance of utilizing this dynamic platform for business growth. They discuss the new features and improvements that LinkedIn offers to assist entrepreneurs in reaching their target audience, building professional networks, and driving business success. With practical tips and recommendations, they aim to empower viewers with the tools they need to optimize LinkedIn and maximize their business potential.

Insights and Recommendations for Success

Throughout the conversation, Chase Dimond and Cardinal Mason generously share their insights and recommendations on building a successful business. They draw from their own experiences and discuss the fundamental principles that have propelled their own ventures to success. From setting clear goals and leveraging personal strengths to overcoming challenges and tracking progress, they cover a wide range of essential aspects that contribute to a thriving business.

Exploring Various Business Possibilities

The entrepreneurial spirit knows no bounds, and in this video, Chase Dimond and Cardinal Mason explore the endless possibilities of different types of businesses. They discuss both traditional and emerging industries, prompting viewers to consider their own passions and aspirations in the context of entrepreneurship. By delving into these various business ideas, they inspire viewers to think outside the box and seize opportunities that align with their personal interests and skills.


In conclusion, Chase Dimond and Cardinal Mason have created an engaging and insightful video that not only explores the question of what type of business they would build if given the opportunity, but also provides valuable tax tips and advice. By sharing their experiences, recommendations, and insights, they empower aspiring entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams and build successful businesses. Additionally, their exploration of the LinkedIn business platform offers practical strategies for utilizing this powerful tool for business growth. So, whether you’re a budding entrepreneur or an established business owner, this video is a must-watch for anyone seeking inspiration and guidance in the world of business.


  1. Q: How can I optimize my tax strategies for my business?
    A: By exploring deductions, credits, and effective business entity structuring, you can optimize your tax strategies and reduce your overall tax burden.

  2. Q: What benefits does the LinkedIn business platform offer for entrepreneurs?
    A: The LinkedIn business platform offers numerous benefits, including the ability to reach your target audience, build professional networks, and drive business growth. It also provides new features and improvements to enhance your experience.

  3. Q: How can I build a successful business?
    A: Building a successful business requires setting clear goals, leveraging personal strengths, overcoming challenges, and tracking progress. Additionally, seeking insights and recommendations from successful entrepreneurs can provide valuable guidance.

  4. Q: How can I explore different types of businesses?
    A: By considering both traditional and emerging industries, as well as personal passions and skills, you can explore different types of businesses and identify opportunities that align with your interests.

  5. Q: What should I know about optimizing LinkedIn for business growth?
    A: To optimize LinkedIn for business growth, focus on creating a compelling profile, engaging with relevant communities, and leveraging the platform’s new features and improvements. Additionally, stay updated on best practices and strategies shared by experts in the field.


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