What Those SMTP Error Codes Mean and Why You Should Care (Season 2 Episode 48) by Everything Email Marketing

We are often asked how to revive, warm up, and reengage an email list that has not been emailed to in a long time. In order to do this you will want to conduct what is known as a “re-engagement campaign”. This is exactly what it sounds like: you already have the email addresses on your email list, and at some point they all gave you permission to put them on your mailing list (right?), so presumably at some point you were engaging with them, but you have not engaged them for some period of time. Here’s how to warm that list back up and turn those people into a warm, responsive email audience.
It’s really important that you warm up an old, neglected email list correctly, because it’s really easy to do it wrong, which can get you and your email into a lot of trouble, and will cause your email to end up in the spam folder. And not just the email that you send to that old list! Sending too much too soon, or too enthusiastically, to that old list can cause other email that you send to start landing in the spam folder as well! It’s so important to remember that your email sending reputation is, ultimately, a universal email reputation. What do we mean by “universal reputation”? There are many different ways that the inbox providers, ISPs, and spam filters identify an email sender, and they cross-reference and aggregate all of the information about your email sending practices, from a variety of sources. And that’s not all: they also share this information with others in the email receiving industries. So it’s not like you can silo your sending to one list and keep it from affecting your email reputation elsewhere.  Here’s how to do it right.
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Title: What Those SMTP Error Codes Mean and Why You Should Care (Season 2 Episode 48) by Everything Email Marketing
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Published Date: 09/23/22

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