The Best Tools of Email Marketing

If you are interested in email marketing, you might be interested in checking out the various tools available to help you with your efforts. There are many tools out there to choose from, so it can be a bit overwhelming to decide which one will be best for you.


EngageBay is a powerful CRM and marketing automation platform that enables you to manage your leads. It is easy to set up and use and allows you to run campaigns from a single platform.

The main dashboard provides a unified view of your company’s performance. You can create workflows, apply segmentation rules and trigger emails to your contacts based on clicks. In addition, you can schedule emails to be sent in batches.

EngageBay offers pre-built templates for email messages and landing pages. These can be customized to match your brand. Also, you can add videos, social sharing icons and headers to your emails.

EngageBay is an integrated CRM and marketing automation platform that enables you build an email list and convert web visitors into leads. This includes live chat, email marketing and contact management.

Having access to this tool will save you time and improve your efficiency. Not only will you be able to send automated messages, you can also track your email interactions and create sequences that will help you close deals.


AWeber is an email marketing platform with a wide variety of features. Some of the features that make it stand out include its email newsletters, responsive designs, and autoresponder services. These features allow customers to send engaging emails. The platform also helps users build lasting customer relationships.

The company has a free plan for beginners. There are also other plans that have more advanced features. Its robust automation features make it an ideal choice for small businesses.

For starters, the platform has a library of email templates that you can use to customize your message. They automatically resize to the appropriate size for mobile devices. Another useful feature is its list segmentation. You can divide your contacts by location and interest to target them with targeted content.

AWeber also has some of the best customer service around. They offer online training, live webinars, and phone support. All of these tools are designed to make your email marketing easier.


There are several email marketing tools on the market today. These are useful for tracking your recipients’ behavior. Using one of these tools can help you increase sales and boost your ROI. However, choosing a tool can be a daunting task. The good news is that the ones that get the nod of approval from your marketing department will be the tried and tested.

For the more ambitious, there are several tools to choose from. Some of the best include the following. But if you’re looking for the best overall solution, you’re likely to go for a paid service.

If you’re a small to midsize business with a lot of employees and an email budget to spare, you might want to consider a service that specializes in managing your emails. A web-based email management system can be used for both mass emailing and individual contact management. You can also opt for an iOS or Android application.


Outfunnel is an email marketing automation tool that automates the email marketing process. This means that it can help you create drip campaigns, send personalized emails and even track the results in real time. In addition, it offers sales-centric features that can make your sales team more effective.

Specifically, it offers features that let you map form fields to your CRM, automate lead scoring and tracking, and record web visits. These are just a few of the many benefits of using Outfunnel.

Outfunnel connects with several other apps, including Mailchimp, WordPress, Copper, ActiveCampaign and Hubspot. It also has a free 14-day trial. The company offers three different plans, which differ by the number of web visits you make.

While it does not support every use case, Outfunnel does have the potential to save marketers tons of time and energy. It allows them to send automatic or one-off email campaigns, and makes use of their contacts’ information to deliver targeted emails. Also, it gives them the chance to make notes about each contact.


Revue is an email marketing platform that was originally designed to make it easy for anyone to create a newsletter. It also offered tools to track performance and engagement.

This email marketing tool is easy to use and is ideal for people who want to send personalized emails. The company offers a free trial.

With the free plan, users can send up to 2,500 emails per month. They are also able to connect their newsletter to other services and websites. Some of the features include a custom domain, custom colors, and a preheader.

In addition to the free plans, Revue offers paid subscriptions. For the price, you can expect up to 10,000 subscribers.

One of the most useful features of Revue is the ability to connect to Twitter. Users can link their newsletter to Twitter’s lead generation cards. You can also schedule your newsletter to appear on your Twitter profile.

While Revue has several integrations, they don’t provide the most comprehensive list of options. Fortunately, there are other email marketing tools that offer similar capabilities.


Mandrill is an email marketing tool that allows you to create, send, and monitor the delivery of transactional emails. The service is ideal for sending personalized messages to customers. It also offers a number of integrations with other services such as MailChimp.

Emails generated using Mandrill are sent via its SMTP protocol. It uses HTML code to generate messages. If you are a developer, you can create your own templates or use pre-coded ones. This makes it easier to make changes to the email.

Users can create a dedicated IP or share one with other businesses. This helps boost the reliability of the business. When sending transactional emails, Mandrill allows you to set up a sending limit. For example, if you need to send 100,000 emails, you can purchase a block of 25,000 credits for $20 per month.

Mandrill is also known for its A/B testing functionality. It has a comprehensive event tracking API that provides detailed metrics on your transactional emails. In addition, it offers real-time notifications.


Moosend is an email marketing platform that helps businesses manage their subscriber lists and deliver personalized campaigns to target customers. It offers a drag-and-drop editor for creating and distributing newsletters, as well as analytics for tracking email campaign performance.

There are several features of Moosend that set it apart from rivals. Among them are the ability to customize existing templates, the ability to send plain text and HTML emails, and the option to track conversions. You can also use Moosend’s automation tools to create workflows that can be triggered based on subscriber behavior.

In addition to the aforementioned features, Moosend comes with a huge knowledge base of tutorials. The knowledge base includes 13 categories, and more than 100 articles. Most of these tutorials cover the basics of how to integrate Moosend with an eCommerce site.

Moosend’s free plan is a great tool for startups and new businesses to try out. However, this free plan does not allow you to sign up for a Moosend account. Instead, you’ll have to opt for the paid plan.


Omnisend is an email marketing tool that automates workflows and offers a robust set of features. Specifically, it is designed to promote ecommerce brands, helping to activate subscribers and drive revenue. It’s easy to use and provides a cost-effective way to get your message across.

Using Omnisend, you can create automated emails that automatically send on triggers such as product reviews and cross-sells. In addition to a large library of pre-built templates, you can also build your own custom messages.

Omnisend can be used to boost open rates, reactivate inactive subscribers, and more. You can even add tags and splits to campaigns. With its streamlined process and user-friendly interface, you can create customized automation in minutes.

The Omnisend dashboard features a number of useful analytics, including a centralized place to compare performance metrics. You can also find workflows that allow you to customize your messaging based on customer behavior. For example, you can use automated workflows to follow up on cart abandonment, which helps to drive more sales.


Dripify is a multifunctional tool designed to help you generate more leads and close more deals. It offers an easy to use interface with a host of features. This software also offers advanced analytics tools to help you measure campaign success.

The tool can be used with almost any browser, including Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari. Users can send invites, manage team members, analyze LinkedIn campaigns, and export data in CSV files.

Dripify is a versatile and easy to use solution for businesses of all sizes. It’s a great choice for marketers and sales teams. It helps you automate your social media marketing efforts, increase traffic to your website, and close more sales.

Dripify offers a free trial version. You can also buy a Basic Plan for $39/month, a Pro Plan for $79/month, or the Advanced Plan for $99.

If you’re a small business owner, you’ll definitely want to invest in Dripify. Using it will allow you to respond to incoming leads in a timely manner. Plus, you’ll be able to see your most important statistics on your dashboard.

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