The Best Email Marketing Examples to Get Your Brand Noticed

One of the best ways to get your brand noticed is to send a compelling email to your customers. Here are some examples: Netflix’s Storytelling campaign, Shopify’s Back In Stock email, Klarna’s Sale Promo email, and Amazon’s Star Wars collectible email. You’ll get a fresh perspective on how to use email marketing to attract customers.

Netflix’s Storytelling campaign

Netflix’s global campaign “One Story Away” is designed to highlight the power of storytelling in television and movies. It was launched with a minute-long video featuring clips from popular shows. While the campaign isn’t intended to convert viewers into paying customers, it should encourage them to subscribe to the service.

The company uses a variety of social media channels to engage with its audience. Their social media team asks questions and creates polls to encourage casual conversation about their content. They also suggest movies and TV shows to their subscribers. The campaign also includes exclusive campaigns and partnerships with different companies and institutions. Netflix meets their target audience wherever they are to increase brand awareness and loyalty.

Netflix has previously promoted itself through email marketing. However, those campaigns were aimed at educating consumers and were accompanied by humorous videos about the company’s technology. Now, with almost 200 million subscribers worldwide, the company wants to remind people why they should subscribe to their service. They have become one of the largest and most popular streaming services, so they know that they’re a valuable asset to their subscribers.

The company is also pushing its digital streaming service. The company even created an iconic store in Manhattan promoting its Friends series streaming, as well as a food truck promoting Orange is the New Black. The overall theme of the campaign is to break the sedentary habits of children by providing a fun, original way for them to move their bodies and minds.

Shopify’s Back In Stock email

When a product you have sold out of is back in stock, you can send your customers an email that informs them. Whether you use an e-commerce platform like Shopify or a custom-built solution, back in stock notifications are a powerful way to engage your subscribers. To get started, check out a Shopify tutorial to add a back-in-stock notification form.

Back-in-stock notifications can help you win back lost sales and increase customer conversion rates. While these notifications are not mandatory for DTC brands, they can help retailers maintain a stronger communication with their customers and reduce customer churn. These notifications can be automated and can help you cut down on lost sales due to stockouts.

Another way to make back-in-stock emails more effective is to include an “order by” date. For example, a company like Magic Spoon restocked gingerbread cereal around the holidays and reminded customers to place orders by December 13 to avoid a shortage. This tactic replicates the feeling of limited stock in a store.

Back-in-stock email marketing automation can be difficult to implement without expert knowledge. But you can use a platform like Klaviyo to automate these emails. Klaviyo allows you to customize automated email messages, which will automatically send emails to your customers when your products are back in stock.

Klarna’s Sale Promo email

Klarna offers a variety of features to enhance your sales conversions. The platform lets you create revolving credit for your customers and integrate payments from various merchants. It also allows you to use Klarna’s SDK and API for custom solutions. Its payment terms include zero percent interest for 30 days and no minimum payments.

Moreover, the company puts great emphasis on the experience of the customers. This means it makes decisions that are in the best interests of the shopper. In other words, it builds personal and emotional relationships with customers. As a result, the brand offers personalized experiences that appeal to different users.

Klarna’s marketing strategy has also been critical in establishing a strong foothold in a highly competitive market. It reinvented its brand to create an emotional connection with consumers, bringing it to the forefront of every interaction. The brand’s focus on the emotional side of the customer has allowed the company to drive exponential growth.

The messaging in Klarna’s emails is consistent and enticing. It appeals to returning customers because it offers a unique buying experience. Likewise, it attracts new users by promising a smooth checkout experience.

Amazon’s Star Wars collectible

For those who collect Star Wars memorabilia, Amazon has a variety of collectibles. They sell everything from Luke Skywalker t-shirts to Ahsoka Tano Funko Pops. They even have a Star Wars Day Gift Guide. But if you’re not sure what to buy, you’ll probably want to check out some of the deals on the site.

Zapier’s time-limited discount

If you’re a business owner on a budget, you can take advantage of Zapier’s time-limited discount on email marketing services. These tools will automate tasks and integrate with other software, allowing you to send emails automatically and get notifications from different sources. These automations can do anything from welcoming new subscribers to introducing your brand and encouraging them to take action.

Zapier is a software platform that allows you to connect and automate processes between different software applications. Its comprehensive list of integrations covers more than 3,000 applications. These include popular applications such as Gmail and Slack, which are popular among small businesses. This means that you can automate your entire workflow using Zapier.

Amazon’s Upsell email

Using an email marketing example like Amazon’s can help you increase your sales by upselling related products to customers. Amazon does this by curating products based on the preferences of their customers and suggesting products that are related to the products they already own. It is a smart way to sell and upsell without being too pushy or annoying.

You can also build an email list independent of Amazon. This will give you more control over the content that you send to your subscribers. For example, if you sell electronics on Amazon, you can create an email marketing campaign to promote your products to customers outside of Amazon. You can send your customers promotional emails that may include a discount code or link to your listing, which will help increase your conversion rates.

Upselling can be a highly effective way to increase sales. One example is GoPro, which offers the Hero9 Bundle, which costs less than buying each part separately, and increases the average order value. Likewise, Art of Sport uses a custom cart drawer to upsell their customers.

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Walter Acosta is a blogger. His primary interests are in digital marketing and content creation and curation.