How to Improve Your Average Open Rate For Emails

If you’re looking for the average open rate for emails, then you’ve come to the right place. This article will give you some information on this key number, and how you can improve your own email marketing campaign.

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Optimize your emails for mobiles

If you want to improve your average open rate, you need to make sure that your emails are mobile friendly. Not only will it provide a better viewing experience for your recipients, but it will also increase your overall conversion rate.

The number of opens you receive can vary, depending on the industry you operate in and the time of day. However, in general, the average open rate across industries is around 20%.

The first thing to consider when you’re trying to optimize your email for mobile is the length of the subject line. It’s important to keep your subject lines short, as longer ones will be difficult to read on a mobile device. To ensure you have a high open rate, use a subject line that is catchy and intriguing.

Also, be sure that your content is high quality. If it isn’t, your email might get blocked by spam filters. A/B testing different elements of your email is also key to boosting your open rate.

If you include images in your emails, make sure they are optimized for mobile. You can do this by using JPEGmini to compress the image file size. This can reduce the file size by 80%.

Mobile users can often zoom in or out of your email to read it, so ensure that your text is easily readable. Additionally, be sure to use large fonts to make your message easier to read.

Creating a pre-header is another way to boost your open rates. Some studies show that pre-headers can increase the opening rate of an email by 50%. Make sure the pre-header includes useful information.

Adding emojis and other visuals can also help boost your open rates. But remember that mobile devices can often have issues loading the images you add. Try to compress or remove them if they aren’t working.

Finally, you should check your emails for spelling and grammar mistakes. Having good content is always the key to a successful campaign. By proofreading your emails, you can ensure that your subscribers understand what you’re saying. Your emails should be a pleasure to read and engage with.

Track your click-to-open rate

When you send an email campaign, you should track your click-to-open rate (CTOR). CTOR indicates how much of your audience is engaged with your content. If your CTOR is low, then your email marketing campaign may be ineffective. Alternatively, if your CTOR is high, your email campaign will be more effective. Regardless, there are ways to improve your CTOR to increase your ROI.

Click-to-open rate is one of the most important metrics you can measure. Having a good CTOR will help you determine the effectiveness of your email content and can also drive conversions. This metric is calculated by dividing the number of unique clicks by the number of unique opens. You can find this information in your email strategy platform.

Email marketing metrics depend on your business size and demographics. Generally, a good CTOR is between 10 and 15%. A higher CTOR can be seen in industries such as real estate, education, and government. It’s a good idea to track your CTOR by campaign type as well.

In addition to tracking your CTOR, you should also pay attention to your bounce rate. Bounce rate can indicate that your email list is not properly segmented or cleaned. For example, if you have a 5% bounce rate, this may mean you have too many subscribers in a single list. Having a large list can affect your ability to send targeted messages. Taking the time to clean up your list can increase your CTOR.

A reputable email marketing solution will have a tracking feature. This means you can easily check your metrics. However, not all tracking solutions are accurate. Depending on your needs, you can try some free analytics tools such as Klipfolio PowerMetrics.

Tracking your CTOR can be done through the campaign monitor or the email performance section of your email strategy platform. Be sure to include the number of opens, unique clicks, and the subject line when calculating your CTOR. Then, multiply the result by 100 to get your CTR.

You can also use a line chart to visualize your CTOR. Using a line chart can show you how your CTOR has changed over time.


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