How to Create the Best Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing is a form of advertising that requires creativity, budget, and time. The right strategy can make or break your campaign. A great email body doesn’t mean much if no one opens it. In fact, the average open rate is only 32%. If you want to increase your open rate, you’ll need to be creative!

Uber’s email campaign

The email marketing campaign of Uber has an easy-to-read format that’s effective for attracting and retaining subscribers. The newsletters are short and to the point, often with an appealing CTA (call to action) and a link to learn more. This email marketing campaign also includes different promotions that can help subscribers save money. For example, the email may offer subscribers a 30% discount on their next Uber ride.

In addition to a personalized email, this company’s marketing email campaign also contains infographics. The emails include relevant content about the company’s history, the cities that its customers have visited, and where they want to ride next. This helps customers feel as though they’re important to the brand.

Unlike many email marketing campaigns, Uber’s emails are easy to read and have a simple layout. This helps avoid reader confusion and increases trust in the brand. Additionally, it includes a call-to-action (CTA) that’s clearly labeled and readable. Furthermore, the email layout uses actionable language, which is helpful for converting the impersonal into personal emails.

While the email marketing campaign of Uber is nearly completely triggered, the email content works wonders for the company. In addition to providing a summary of the benefits of user accounts, the email also includes a guide on how to get started, a discount for referrals and a link to share the experience with friends on social media.

Although it’s true that Uber is more popular with smartphone-using millennials, the company also understood that it needed to cater to drivers as well. This approach has helped the company grow to become a global success. By following these practices, your business can reap similar benefits. There’s no reason you shouldn’t try out these strategies if you want to make your campaign more effective.


Airbnb’s email marketing campaigns are highly personalised, as they focus on building a community among its users. The company also has regional teams to ensure that their emails are customised to the specific needs of their users. These campaigns can also be useful for generating leads. However, they face some challenges.

Currently, Airbnb has a focus on experiences, and this has led to a more interactive website. The company has introduced ‘Passion Categories’ and teamed up with brands like Pantone and Vice to create new immersive experiences. The brand can even add gamification to make the experience even more compelling and enticing to visitors.

The company has also revamped its mobile app for the launch of its new “Live There” campaign. This new version of the app has improved its matching algorithms, and the app also features a sticky search bar, recommendations, and guidebooks. Its footer menu is also sticky and has four practical tabs for customers to navigate.

Airbnb is now in a better position to educate consumers. The latest campaign showcases the work of Hosts and increased website traffic. The company has also tracked customer feedback and marketing analytics. Ultimately, it has spent years building a global community of customers and recognition. This allows Airbnb to further expand its marketing efforts.

Another important aspect of Airbnb’s marketing strategy is the use of UGC. The company uses user-generated content (UGC) to share stories and experiences with guests. This strategy saves money while still remaining engaging. Moreover, it enables Airbnb to translate its content into different languages. A successful marketing campaign must be effective in targeting the right segment of its target audience.

By using a detailed customer data platform, Airbnb remarkets to guests who have stayed in its properties. This strategy allows the company to provide useful content that encourages them to list their property with the service. It also promotes its host benefits, listing controls, and Airbnb insurance. If guests like their stay, they’ll be more likely to recommend the platform to other people.

Airbnb has also optimised its pages for specific keyword searches. For example, it ranks number one for several search terms related to “villa in Ibiza”. This way, it reaches potential customers just as they’re about to embark on their holiday plans.


Uber’s email marketing campaigns use a simple design and call-to-action button to get subscribers to act. These emails get to the point and are perfect for busy subscribers. They also include a link to learn more about upcoming promotions. Whether your target audience is a student, a mom, or a business owner, you’ll find an email that suits their needs.

One of the most successful strategies that Uber uses in its email marketing campaigns is a referral program. Providing referrals to customers is a key component of the Uber business model. In 2016, the company redesigned its app, and email marketing played an important role in educating users about the new system.

Another email marketing strategy that Uber uses is a drip email campaign. The emails from Uber are simple and easy to read, and have a clean line design. Moreover, they make use of the company’s colors and trend-forward conceptual images. This demonstrates that sometimes less is more when it comes to plain-text emails and drip campaigns. Ultimately, these emails are designed to send traffic to optimized landing pages.

Uber has also made use of a referral program that rewards customers with credits for free rides. This strategy has been successful and has created a large fan base. The referral program also has benefits for both Uber and its drivers. It has reduced the costs associated with hiring new drivers, and has shortened the process of customer acquisition and contractor recruitment.

Uber also leverages social media and its organic presence to become a full-fledged user acquisition channel. For example, it was the first ride-sharing platform to partner with Facebook Messenger Transportation to help people hail rides from the popular chat application. With each city it expands its brand’s reach and has adopted a local hyper-local strategy.

Morning Brew’s

A big part of Morning Brew’s email marketing campaign is its referral program. This program rewards customers who refer other people to sign up for the newsletter. The customer can then receive a special reward if they refer three other people to the newsletter. It also uses a double opt-in sequence to protect customers from nefarious actors.

Morning Brew used this program to educate and inform millions of young professionals. By using witty and charismatic journalism, they made news reading fun and informative for their subscribers. The emails were targeted toward people who wanted to learn about important topics. This also helped Morning Brew increase their brand awareness.

Morning Brew’s email marketing campaigns feature a great welcome email that encourages subscribers to move Morning Brew’s communications to their primary inbox. The welcome email is beautiful, and includes a one-line welcome note. In addition, the email contains tips for moving emails to your inbox.

One of the most important factors in referral marketing is ensuring your subscribers love what you are offering. Referrals do not just happen organically, they require a great reward and a great product. This is especially important in email marketing, where a good product is crucial to growing the list.

Morning Brew’s email marketing campaigns have proven to be effective, with over 3 million unique subscribers. They have also recently launched a podcast, which is great for attracting new subscribers. Overall, they do an incredible job with their newsletter, consistently meeting and exceeding their subscribers’ expectations. It’s no surprise that Morning Brew is one of the most successful newsletter companies today.


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About the Author: Walter Acosta

Walter Acosta is a blogger. His primary interests are in digital marketing and content creation and curation.