Best Subject Lines For Emails

Choosing the best subject lines for emails is a crucial part of email marketing. You want to pique your readers’ interest and make them act. To do so, use positive, inspiring, and motivating phrases. For example, if you’re sending a networking email, you might ask attendees if they’re going to join the event or tell them they’re not alone.

Thrillist’s subject line

Thrillist’s subject line plays on the human tendency to avoid mistakes. The word do not in the subject line spells out “do not make this mistake,” a powerful takeaway for B2B marketers. The use of all-caps adds visual impact and makes the subject line stand out.

Tough Mudder’s subject line

In an effort to increase email subscriptions, Tough Mudder has created a catchy email subject line. The subject line is based on the phrase “unleash your inner mudder,” which is both humorous and relatable. This subject line can work for business emails, friendly get-togethers, and holidays.

Thrillist’s personal touch

Thrillist’s email subject lines are a great example of a personalized touch. It plays on the human tendency to avoid mistakes. Instead of spelling out “do not” like so many other companies do, the website spells out the word with all-caps. This makes the subject line stand out among the rest in the inbox.

Thrillist’s scarcity

A subject line that threatens scarcity is a powerful marketing tool, and it tends to perform best when it is coupled with other psychological triggers and power words. This free offer, for instance, makes use of both scarcity and location, which gives the email recipient a sense that you know where they are. This, in turn, encourages a higher open rate and more conversions.

Thrillist’s emojis

Emojis in subject lines can be an effective way to increase open rates and create a more memorable email. Besides being instantly recognizable, they also reinforce the meaning of the email. In addition, emojis can help foster an image of an approachable brand. However, they should be used with a light hand and should not replace the message of the email.

In an experiment conducted in April 2013, researchers found that emojis in subject lines increased the open rate of emails. The emojis were selected by 24% more people when compared with email subject lines without emojis. The emojis also increased the likelihood of a recipient clicking on a link. Moreover, they increased the number of emails opened by 11%.

Using emojis in subject lines can increase open rates by up to 56%. However, it is important to be careful and know your subscribers well to make sure they will enjoy receiving your emails. It is also important to remember that emojis might not be appropriate for all types of emails. For example, you should avoid using emojis in subject lines if your emails are about financial SaaS. Remember, relevancy is always important.

For example, a Thrillist email subject line features a fun emoji. It’s easy to see why emojis can increase open rates. Interestingly, only 7% of emails use emojis in their subject lines. While they’re effective for a younger demographic, emojis can also be effective for businesses that sell products and services.

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