5 tactics to get the 2023 email marketing funding you deserve

I was watching the news this morning, as I always do, and a commentator claimed to be surprised that the Christmas/holiday sales had been pulled back so far. I spat out my coffee and laughed.

Why the spit-take? 

Because retail and email marketers on the front lines know that the holiday season is going to happen a lot sooner this year than it has in the past. We’re coming up on the third anniversary of COVID-19, which in 2020 gave us permission to start early. Nobody’s willing to give that up, especially in a down economy where every minute from now to the end of the year matters.

I also could have told that talking head that holiday campaigns aren’t the only things stressing us marketers right now. Guess what else we have to contend with now?

Friends, it’s budget time. 

Yes, I said the

By: Ryan Phelan
Title: 5 tactics to get the 2023 email marketing funding you deserve
Sourced From: martech.org/5-tactics-to-get-the-2023-email-marketing-funding-you-deserve/
Published Date: 10/25/22

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