Top 5 Digital Marketers Blogs for 2017

TechCrunch is an excellent source of quality information about the industry. Its articles are visually appealing and often pose interesting questions. The site also provides industry predictions and offers downloadable trend reports. In 2017, TechCrunch predicts the top marketing trends that will affect the industry. If you want to know what will be the best strategies for digital marketing in 2017, TechCrunch is worth a look.


GatherContent is a useful content curation and management platform for digital marketers. It helps marketers to manage the creation and curation of content for their blogs, website, and landing pages. It also allows you to manage your projects collaboratively and track your progress. Despite its features, GatherContent is not the best choice for digital marketers. It lacks some key project management features, including advanced content optimization tools and SEO.

GatherContent was developed by a team of content strategists who realized the difficulties of managing content. Their extensive experience working on content-heavy projects and companies prompted the creation of GatherContent. It solves content management problems by allowing you to collaborate on content. As a result, you’ll have more time to market your business.

GatherContent allows you to share and collaborate with others to develop a site that is unique to your business. You can create multiple pages on your site using different templates. You can also add as many contributors as you want.


ShoutMeLoud is a blogging platform that helps people create a sustainable source of income. The platform was created by Bob Parsons, a web hosting pioneer before Google and Facebook. The ShoutMeLoud blog is an excellent resource for those seeking to understand digital marketing. It provides in-depth advice on blogging, WordPress, and SEO.

Its authors include top industry experts and business owners. In fact, it is not uncommon to find content on ShoutMeLoud by the author of a book. Moreover, the website provides a large back catalogue of posts with actionable tips and techniques to boost traffic, conversions, and conversions. The website has millions of monthly page views.

Another popular blog devoted to digital marketing is Digital Deepak. This blogger, formerly a digital marketer for leading brands, has since become a marketing consultant and entrepreneur. His blog is a must-read for any digital marketer. Additionally, he offers courses and programs on digital marketing.


The Moz blog is a great place to get the latest information on SEO and inbound marketing. The digital marketers at Moz know the value of SEO, and their posts are easy to digest. They also feature industry experts and provide valuable insights into the latest updates to Google’s algorithms. The Moz blog also features frequent “Whiteboard Friday” videos that cover SEO topics and processes.

Moz is a data management and SEO software company that helps brands rank high in search results. The blog posts on Moz include keyword research, backlink analysis, and rank tracking. The software also performs weekly site checks and offers free tools to monitor competitors’ rankings. The Moz software allows users to compare keywords and phrases and track competitor brand rankings.

Moz provides software, educational videos, and community advice. Their products include Moz Pro and Moz Local. The latter is a powerful all-in-one SEO tool that helps businesses better understand their target audience and manage their SEO campaigns.


Using Kissmetrics is a great way to monitor your marketing campaigns and determine how effective they are. This data can help you improve your customer engagement, increase your conversions, and create a more personalized experience for your audience. It also allows you to see which marketing channels are generating the most leads.

One of the best features of Kissmetrics is its ease of use. You can create custom reports with various types of events. You can also use the live feature to see real-time data to see crucial steps between site visits. The cost of Kissmetrics depends on the size of your business and the features that you need.

Kissmetrics has an easy-to-use interface that makes it easy to track website traffic and create funnel, path, and cohort reports. It also lets you track the behavior of individual users so you can adjust your marketing efforts accordingly.


The Econsultancy digital marketers blog is a comprehensive resource for anyone involved in digital marketing. The website covers all aspects of digital marketing, including niche industries. Its content integrates best practices and emerging trends to deliver practical advice for brands. From content strategy to marketing automation, this blog is well worth following.

The blog is divided into several sections and is visually appealing. It also includes industry predictions, as well as answers to audience concerns. You can subscribe to the blog’s daily newsletter for a daily dose of digital marketing insight. The website also offers an extensive library of digital marketing resources, which can be accessed for a fee.

The Econsultancy digital marketers blog is run by an editorial team with a passion for education. While there are a wide range of topics covered, the team’s goal is to help readers understand the latest trends in the industry and make informed decisions. The Econsultancy team also offers tips from leading industry influencers, including Neil Patel.

Neil Patel

If you’re looking for a proven strategy to grow your business, Neil Patel’s digital marketers blog may be just what you need. It features advice from some of the most successful marketers in the world. Neil Patel’s blog draws four million unique visitors per month, over half of which spend money on paid advertising. His Marketing School podcast reaches one million listeners every month.

One way that Neil Patel’s blog has been able to grow so quickly is by publishing a massive amount of content. He earns over 2.3 million monthly visitors and employs a team of editors to help him create content. His process involves researching topics that are relevant to his audience, reading the best content from his competitors and finding new angles to approach the topics. He also keeps posts simple and straightforward, and makes use of a content calendar to help him schedule content.

Neil Patel is an author of several books and podcasts. He also co-founded the Marketing School podcast, which is considered one of the most influential digital marketing podcasts in existence. His book, Hustle, is also a best seller, with both the New York Times and the Los Angeles Times listing it among its top bestsellers.

Social Media Examiner

If you are a social media marketer, you need to be aware of the latest news and trends in social media marketing. Social Media Examiner is one of the leading social media marketing blogs. It covers a variety of topics from social media to TikTok and more. The articles on the blog are written by social media experts and specialists.

This blog features ideas, tips, and lessons from the world of social media for brands. It also hosts live Twitter chats where readers can ask questions on various social media topics. In addition, the blog’s author, Brian Fanzo, is a keynote speaker and social media expert.

Social Media Examiner has a talk show and podcast. Buffer, an app for scheduling social media posts, also has a blog that shares thoughts about social media and online marketing. HubSpot, a marketing automation software, also has a blog. It provides content for businesses and consumers alike.


BuzzSumo allows you to find and track the most popular content on any topic and domain. By using this tool, you will be able to identify what topics your customers are interested in and what they are talking about. It is also possible to find out what your competitors are talking about and how they are using this information to boost their content.

As a digital marketer, you know that content is key. Without content, you will struggle to generate traffic and ranking for your website. Without ranking, your site will remain invisible to your target audience. Therefore, it’s important to understand what your target audience is interested in and how to meet their needs. BuzzSumo is a valuable tool that will help you identify these interests and help you develop content that will attract them.

BuzzSumo’s analytics allow you to see how popular content has performed in different markets. If you’re interested in writing about a particular topic, you can search the most popular ones on BuzzSumo and use those as inspiration for your own content. Similarly, if you’re trying to spread your brand’s message to a wider audience, you can use BuzzSumo to see who’s helped spread the word about your content and what they did to increase their exposure.


The HubSpot digital marketers blog has a variety of topics for entrepreneurs to learn more about. The site focuses on inbound marketing and white-hat methods that are beneficial to your business. These strategies encourage better communication and a human-friendly sale process, and provide tips and tools for boosting sales. The blog also contains different categories for different types of content, including marketing advice and video marketing.

Digital marketing is a huge industry and this blog covers a wide range of topics for digital marketers. You can find SEO tips and advice, as well as information on upcoming trends and strategies. It even hosts events that give you the opportunity to network with other marketers in your industry. This blog is a valuable resource for both beginners and experts.

Marketing Land is another useful resource for digital marketers. It publishes daily posts on topics ranging from content management system updates to social media trends and best practices.


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