Top 22 Digital Marketing Stats to Blow Your Mind

Perhaps the hardest decision to make when writing an article on digital marketing stats is to decide what counts as digital marketing. Most of the other areas we cover at the Influencer Marketing Hub have relatively tight definitions. It’s obvious what counts as influencer marketing, email marketing, affiliate marketing, or social media marketing, for instance. The concept of digital marketing is more nebulous, however. Does it encompass all the above terms? What about websites, landing pages, and whitepapers? And how do we handle television advertising in this digital age? You must understand the boundaries of digital marketing before a list of digital marketing stats can make any sense.
We have previously examined the topic of What Is Digital Marketing? In that post, we viewed digital marketing as “the use of strategy, planning, and a By: Werner Geyser
Title: Top 22 Digital Marketing Stats to Blow Your Mind
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Published Date: 10/13/22

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