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A press release is a great way to promote your company or brand to a wide audience. It relies on media channels (such as newspapers, magazines and online outlets like Wired or BuzzFeed) that can spread news and information on a local, national and global scale. Use it to enhance all your digital marketing efforts and get the best of both worlds.
Not only can a press release get information out there quickly, but it’s budget-friendly, as unlike paid ads or traditional advertising, you’re using an unpaid channel to spread awareness.
Need convincing that press releases work? Warner Leisure Hotels created a gin dubbed ‘Anti-aGin’ that contained collagen, antioxidants and ‘skin-healing’ botanicals to help ‘reduce cellulite and sun damage’. The stunt resulted in 1,000 pieces of global coverage and the gin selling out online in 24 hours! 
While it may seem easy to just write a release and send it to the media, there are a few elements involved in writing one that grabs the attention of journalists or editors. 
In this useful and comprehensive guide, we look at how to create a great press release to promote your business. 
Know your audienceLike any marketing strategy, you need to know your audience when crafting a press release. Who do you want to talk to?
Plus you need to know the readership of any news outlet or publication to determine whether they a) have an interest in your story and b) attract the type of audience you are looking for. 
For example, if you are launching a new branch or outlet in an area, your best bet is to target local media. Chances are a national newspaper will have very little interest in the story. Or if you are looking to target a certain demographic e.g. female and over 35 then look for publications with that as their core audience.  
If your audience is niche then look at niche publications. So if you’re a car dealership, auto or car publications will be the perfect fit and will target the audience you are looking to appeal to. 
Note: Make sure to include traditional and online press in your target list as both these will have different audiences and reach.
Brainstorm an angle or hookNews outlets get hundreds of press releases every day so you need to make yours stand out. If you’re promoting a new product, don’t just focus on the product as that’s…
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Title: How to Write a Press Release & Free Template | Digital Marketing Institute
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Published Date: 10/22/22

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