eCommerce & Digital Marketing Podcasts To Blow Your Mind

There is so much information out there covering digital marketing and eCommerce or D2C as a whole. The tough part is deciding where the best content is and who to trust. Hopefully, I can help you with a quick shortcut for getting great, actionable information from some of my favorite digital marketing and eCommerce podcasts.

How did I come up with this list of podcasts?
Over my 15+ years of digital marketing and eCommerce, I have always tried to find good sources of information to further my knowledge. First I was looking at public and private forums, then it was subreddits and a few websites. Now, I focus on content from Slack groups, YouTube, Twitter, Discord, and podcasts. I have taken strategies discussed on these podcasts, implemented them in real-world environments, and generated positive results.

Why is it a good idea to listen to these podcasts?
Digital marketing and eCommerce are always evolving and if you want to be the best in class, you have to study. You can hear up-to-date eCommerce and digital marketing strategies from the people and companies doing the work. Hearing ideas and discussions from other professionals in your field is great for getting validation on a strategy you were unsure of. Podcasts are also a great place to hear a different perspective on subjects you have formulated your own opinion on.

The Digital Deep Dive With Aaron Conant

Aaron Conant is a great host. He has that right mix of letting the guest talk, having thoughtful questions, and also letting the conversation organically evolve. You can tell he is really prepared.

Aaron is not new to giving away valuable information.  He is co-founder of BWG Connect (a networking & knowledge-sharing group). I love joining those meetings both virtually and in person. 

Podcast topics vary from big-picture strategy to hyper-focused execution tips to tools and services to get the job done.

Individual podcast lengths are usually 30 – 40 minutes and are usually posted once a week. 

Check out the podcast on:
Spotify – Apple

DTC Podcast

Eric Dyck has excitement and enthusiasm about eCommerce and marketing that I really appreciate. The conversations on the DTC podcast can sometimes evolve into a small strategy session with the guest and the listener can feel like you get direct access to a working meeting.

Each podcast topic will vary from a Q&A with founders and stakeholders to highly actionable content from their “All Killer No Filler” episodes.

Individual podcast lengths are usually 20 – 40 minutes and are usually posted once a week.

Check out the podcast on:
Spotify – Apple

Drive and Convert

Ryan Garrow and Jon MacDonald are a great duo that informs the listener on how to drive traffic to their website and how to convert. Together, they frequently have candid, honest discussions about what works and what doesn’t work (in their experiences). 

Individual podcast lengths are usually 20 – 30 minutes and are usually posted 2 – 4 times a month.

Check out the podcast on:
Spotify – Apple

Do you have a favorite episode from these eCommerce and marketing podcasts? Go ahead and leave me a comment to let me know which one to check out (even though I have probably already listened to it).

You might think I am missing an eCommerce or digital marketing podcast here. Well, here is your chance to drop your own knowledge. Please leave a comment and let me know what to listen to.  I am always looking for something new to add to my rotation!

By: Taylor Toussaint
Title: eCommerce & Digital Marketing Podcasts To Blow Your Mind
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Published Date: 10/02/22

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