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The future of digital marketing has been influenced by recent events. Businesses have altered their digital marketing strategies. The pandemic and ensuing lockdowns have altered our lives by normalizing online communities as marketing tools. Nowadays, online experiences are just as real as the ones we have when we go outside. Therefore, marketing should have the same effect in both places.

Now more than ever, technological advancements like 5G, AI, and edge cloud computing make it possible for businesses to combine the digital and physical worlds.

Many early efforts to exploit this type of ecology seemed like gimmicks. From 2000–2001, the CueCat, a portable barcode reader that could be used to access a website by scanning a barcode, received much attention. Technology like this was cutting edge back in the day, but these business went down under for a reason. It will take time before we can seamlessly blend the digital and physical worlds together.

And yes, we have come a long way since then. Our eyes are now fixed on a future horizon that searches for “what comes next” for human creativity as we use augmented and virtual reality and don various wearable devices.

What does the future hold for digital marketing when it comes to advertising?
Many of us in the marketing industry have come to accept that the seemingly impossible is likely just a few decades away. The idea behind the metaverse is that people should be able to move quickly between different digital environments to provide entertaining and cost-effective augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) experiences. This is opening up many new opportunities that are slowly changing the internet as we know it.

Now that we’re habituated to the concept of looking at the world via AR glasses, we can begin to define the future of digital marketing by using immersive technology.

Ten years from now, online and offline social interactions are expected to merge into one fluid experience. Although the concept of a metaverse may still sound far-fetched to some, I anticipate that it will be widely accepted by that time. Most of its vital components will already exist, but they will have been improved, and new technologies will be weaved in to meet our future demands.

We now have access to sleepless virtual worlds, constant download speeds for media, and lightweight virtual …
By: Shariq Khan
Title: A Brief Analysis of the Future of Digital Marketing – PressReach
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Published Date: 10/21/22

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