How to Raise Your Average Open Rate For Email Marketing Campaigns

How do you raise your average open rate for email marketing campaigns? There are many ways to increase your email open rate. The average open rate is different for every company, so you should try different strategies before deciding on what works best for your brand. There is no one right answer, so get started on your next campaign today. Here are some tips to raise your open rate:

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Email open rates have been fluctuating since the beginning of time, with many industries reporting higher or lower open rates. This year’s average opens fell to 15.4%, down slightly from the previous year, but it’s still better than last year’s 14.8%. This figure includes data from different countries, industries, and types of business. It’s important to note that the data is average and may vary from campaign to campaign.

The average open rate for email campaigns is calculated by dividing the total number of unique opens by the number of email recipients. It’s a useful KPI for understanding the performance of different email marketing campaigns. The industry sector and company size were self-reported during the sign-up process. The highest open rate came from the Energy Environment sector, followed by Insurance and Hospitals-Healthcare. The lowest open rate was recorded in the Media-Publishing and Consumer Services sector.

The median open rate for emails from the media and entertainment category is 21%. This category includes entertainment, music, sports, and other consumer goods. This category also includes internet and telecommunications companies. Other industries with low average open rates include healthcare and wellness, alternative medicine, mental health care, and veterinary services. For email campaigns, the higher your category, the higher your open rate. So, what industries do you want to target?

Media, Entertainment, and Publishing companies have the highest average CTR. Meanwhile, Retail, Travel, Hospitality and Leisure, and Food and Beverage have the lowest average CTRs. In addition to the highest CTR, retailers’ email opens are also higher on Tuesdays and Thursdays, while Wednesdays are the lowest with only 1.7% CTR. So, how can you improve your email marketing campaign’s CTR? Here are some tips:

Your average open rate for email is an estimate. It can help you adjust your marketing strategy and determine whether your content is relevant and appealing to your audience. It can also help you improve your content by identifying areas where you can enhance your message and deliver better results. There are two ways to improve your open rate:

In the same way, timing is crucial. In order to increase your open rate, email campaigns must be sent on a Tuesday after 1pm. Moreover, the subject line is the most important factor in increasing your open rate. Email marketing campaigns must be sent at the right time. The best time to send an email is one that people are active during. The best time to send them is 10am or 1pm. The average open rate for email is 15.4%, but the open rate can vary depending on the industry.


The average open rate for email marketing is around 18.0%, according to Campaign Monitor’s recent study. That’s up from 13.8% in the previous year’s study. Emails from the Entertainment industry, for example, have double the open rate of emails from the same industry sent to a different audience segment. Meanwhile, automated emails get 152% higher click rates than broadcast emails. Email open rates are higher for PC users (72%), than for mobile users (9%). Responsive email templates improve open rates on all devices, especially for mobile users. One job-seeking website saw a two-fold increase in click-through rates with its active jobs alert.

When calculating the average open rate, you should consider the size of your list. The smaller your list is, the harder it will be to engage and draw solid numbers. If you’re already sending low-quality messages, your open rate will likely remain below 18%. Thankfully, as you build your email list, your open rate will improve. As a rule of thumb, a 20% average open rate is considered good in email marketing.

Using the recipient’s name in the subject line is a proven method of increasing open rates. This strategy is particularly effective when the recipient knows that the email is from a person they know. Using a recipient’s name in the subject line is one of the easiest ways to increase open rates by nearly 20%. Using the recipient’s name is easy and convenient with CRM solutions. Subject lines containing movie titles or song lyrics are also effective at increasing open rates.

Although email open rates vary greatly by industry, the number of recipients in your list is generally lower in retail than in other sectors. Moreover, industry-specific benchmarks should be taken with a grain of salt. Ultimately, the decision of recipients to open your email is up to you. Your email recipient will decide whether or not to open your message or mark it as spam based on the subject line, preheader text, and sender name. It’s also a good idea to use a non-brand sender name when sending emails.

According to Get Response’s data, the best time to send bulk emails is in the morning or early afternoon. For example, email delivery is most likely to result in the highest open rate during lunchtime, followed by a steep decline in the afternoon. Meanwhile, emails sent at the same time during the day, such as Sunday nights, have lower open rates. This is likely because people are catching up on their Sundays, and there’s less competition from similar brands.

In addition to average email open rates, click-through rates are also important metrics for marketers. Not only does this tell you whether you’re doing a good job with your emails, but it also shows how relevant they are. Hobby-related emails have the highest average click-through rate, followed by government and media emails. Meanwhile, the average click-through rate is 2.62% for all industries combined. And, a high click-through rate means your emails are relevant to your audience.

In order to increase your email opens, it is important to craft a compelling subject line. People are more likely to open an email with a subject line that is not too long. Research has shown that a subject line with fewer words tends to have higher open rates than an email with a longer one. Furthermore, an average email with a longer subject line tends to have higher click-through rates than those with short subjects.

Email open rates are highly variable. And they can vary wildly by time of day or week. The average open rate for email is 18.0%, but there are ways to optimize this number. However, the most effective approach to optimize your email opens is to test subject lines. For example, Casper’s subject line is “Shop this sale from under the covers” and works because it meets the needs of your customer. That’s a great subject line.

The IBM 2016 Email Marketing Benchmark Study examined the average email open rate for 18 industries. Auto and Transportation had the highest average email open rate, followed by Healthcare & Biotech, Nonprofits, Associations & Government, and Schools & Education. The study also measured unique click-through rate. Email open rates were higher than click-through rates for other types of emails, but the average was only 18.0% in this study.

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