How To Improve Fitness Digital Marketing

How To Improve Fitness Digital Marketing

Fitness is your passion, and you want to share it with your community. So do lots of other people, though. According to IBISWorld, there are nearly 113,000 gyms in the United States alone, and that doesn’t even factor in the many other types of companies in the fitness industry.

With so much competition, you must be proactive to bring in clients. Marketing your gym or fitness business is essential. These days, many people use the internet to find gyms or health stores around them. For this reason, it is especially important to learn how to incorporate fitness digital marketing into your advertising strategy.

Create a Robust Online Presence With Fitness Digital Marketing

A statistic on Zippia indicates there are nearly 5 billion active internet users in 2022.  The majority of them use the internet to search for businesses near them, and about half of all users are on at least one social media platform. This makes it vital for your fitness company to have an active online presence.

Optimize Your Website

Think about the products or services you provide and how you want the world to see them. Do you want to keep a strictly professional persona or do you want it to be lighthearted and casual? Regardless of where you fall on the spectrum, your website needs to be engaging and feature a few key elements to help the user:

  • Logo – A logo brands your business and ensures people recognize your company’s name. Use the branding colors and fonts on social media as well to tie your pages together.
  • Home Page – This page should include one or two high-quality photographs and a brief overview of what your company provides.
  • Service or Product Pages – Supply more details about your services or products, including information about how to purchase them.
  • About Page – To go in depth about your company and how it came to be, create a separate page. This way, you won’t clutter your home page with too much information, and readers can decide whether they want to read more about your company.
  • Contact Page – Always include a contact page on your website. Provide your company’s address and phone number as well as a contact form that readers can fill out to get in touch.

Search engine optimization helps direct readers to your website. Use a combination of short keywords and longer phrases, including your location if it’s relevant. In addition to adding keywords in the content itself, put them into your headings, image tags, and links. Remember, though, that keywords aren’t the only thing that matters. Always write for people, not for algorithms. BKA Content specializes in writing engaging, people-focused content, and we offer affordable monthly blog writing packages perfect for fitness businesses like yours. 

Maintain a Blog

maintain a fitness blog

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Blog posts are an excellent way to present yourself as an expert in your industry while providing your current and potential customers with the information they need to better their health. A good blog uses a combination of shorter posts (about 300-500 words) and long-form content (1,000 words or more) to provide information in the forms readers are looking for.

Your blog should use high-quality images and engaging content. Providing a wide range of topics is also important. You can teach readers how to use fitness machines, offer information on how to eat healthily, and give product reviews, just to name a few ideas.

If you aren’t sure where to begin, consider hiring someone to create engaging posts for your blog. BKA Content provides fitness digital writing services to make blog writing simple and effective. These services ensure your brand voice remains consistent and keeps your blog up to date and relevant. Hiring content professionals also leaves you free to focus on other aspects of your business, which means you’ll be more productive as well.

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Join Social Media Platforms

join fitness social media

A social media presence is essential for any company that wants to climb to the top of its industry and is a key player in fitness digital marketing. At a minimum, your business should have a presence on these sites:

  • Facebook – Use this platform to notify followers of new products or services, share links to your blog posts, and interact with other fitness-related companies. Don’t be afraid to share relevant memes from time to time, as followers tend to find this personable.
  • Instagram – Instagram is best for posting photos and graphics. Ideas include pictures of upgrades you’ve made, new products, or clients who have used your products and seen results. 
  • TikTok – Video content is vital for fitness marketing. TikTok is an excellent way to post video tutorials, help viewers learn about the people behind the business, and show off new products and services. Don’t be afraid to join in the TikTok dance challenges or other trending topics as well. They’re an excellent way to get more people to notice your brand. 

Posting regularly is important and something you can do with a social media calendar. Calendars allow you to create posts in advance, improve hashtag use, upload images and videos, and track your engagement on multiple platforms at once. Content writers can also help you write powerful social media posts on a schedule. 

Collaborate With Fitness Influencers on the Internet

fitness influencers

An article on HubSpot indicates that more than 70% of marketers get higher quality traffic from working with social media influencers than they do from other sources. Influencers get paid to review products and services and post about them on social media. It’s important to find influencers who are on the same page as your brand in terms of having the same values and matching your company’s personality.

Finding an influencer as part of your fitness digital marketing plan is easier than it may seem. There are two types: micro-influencers and macro-influencers. Micro-influencers usually have a few thousand followers on social media and are more affordable to hire. Macro-influencers charge more because they typically have tens of thousands of followers.

Search YouTube and TikTok for keywords related to your products or services to find influencers in the fitness industry. Most of them have their business contact information in their bios. From there, you can contact them and negotiate terms if they’re interested. Once you find an influencer, you can even use them as a blog subject by showcasing the people who are using your products and providing some information about them.

Remember Your Current Clients

Too often, business owners get so caught up in trying to bring in new clients that they forget about their current ones. The result is no real gain in business since the new clients are only replacing the ones who leave. If you want to retain customers, it’s important to keep marketing to the ones you already have in addition to marketing to new ones.

There are several marketing tactics you can use to help you retain clients. Start with a monthly newsletter that provides links to news in the fitness industry, updates on the happenings in your company, and a discount or promotion of some sort.

Marketing to current clients needs to go beyond email, though. Take it to social media as well. Have your clients been accomplishing big fitness goals? Feature them on your website or create a social media post that shows off their accomplishments. This not only boosts your current client’s confidence and shows them you care about your customers but potentially brings in new people who want to meet the same goals.

Let Us Help You With Your Fitness Digital Marketing Needs

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Fitness digital marketing is vital for helping your company to grow and thrive. You don’t need to do it all alone, though. While you’re busy handling other aspects of your business, we can handle creating the content you need to build your brand. Get in touch with BKA Content today so we can develop a customized plan for you.

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