Four Content Marketing Case Studies

If you’re interested in a content marketing case study, here are four examples from different companies: Eloqua, GoPro, Apollo Digital, and College Raptor. Each of these companies is demonstrating an innovative approach to content marketing. You can learn from their examples to implement similar strategies in your own business. Read on to discover how these companies use content marketing to generate leads. Also, you can learn about Amanda’s strategy in “Mean People Suck.”

Eloqua’s content marketing case study

If you’re looking for a marketing automation case study, look no further than Eloqua. The SaaS company is known for its award-winning content marketing, which places a heavy emphasis on design. Eloqua’s VP of content marketing, Joe Chernov, works with creative agency Jess3 to create visually compelling content. Combined with creative and innovative marketing, Eloqua’s content marketing strategy is synonymous with effective, innovative content.

The Eloqua Social Media Pro Book is a prime example of how effective content targeting can be. This book, created in collaboration with 20 social media experts, addressed the top social media topics. The result was a content-marketing masterpiece that attracted 82,000 views on SlideShare. The case study includes the company’s own content, but the case study also shows how other companies can benefit from such content marketing.

The success of Eloqua’s content marketing program is a result of a combination of inbound and outbound marketing strategies. In the case study, ShoreTel Sky, a cloud-based phone system company, needed to publish more content than their in-house content creators could handle. The lesson here is one of insourcing or outsourcing. It is important to understand the differences between content marketing and inbound marketing before deciding whether you should use one or the other.

With the help of the content marketing case study, Eloqua provides a platform for content-driven email campaigns. Using Eloqua, content-marketing-focused email campaigns can be developed and sent to targeted groups of prospects based on tags, personas, and other factors. By using Eloqua, marketers can easily analyze the effectiveness of content-driven email campaigns and improve sales conversions. With robust integrations and features, Eloqua is a valuable tool for content-driven marketing.

GoPro’s content marketing case study

One of the most compelling aspects of GoPro’s content marketing case study is how it integrated user-generated content into their brand. In fact, they even released three teaser videos prior to the launch of their new product. This heightened anticipation, built trust among their fans, and helped to spread the news about the product. As a result, the camera company has millions of followers and fans who are devoted to their brand and products.

This content is then distributed in a manner that speaks to the interests of the audience. GoPro targeted female audiences in particular because 85% of Pinterest users are female. The company has dedicated boards to women who use GoPro cameras. It also has boards for babies, weddings, and family time. With so many female users, it’s not surprising that they’ve managed to generate so much interest and excitement. The company also skews content according to its target audience.

One of the most compelling aspects of GoPro’s content marketing strategy is its ability to reach out to a wider audience than its core audience. The company’s Tips and Tricks channel contains video tutorials on how to capture certain moments. In this way, customers feel empowered to share their experiences with the world. GoPro also creates an engaging website, landing pages, and social media sites to reach out to their target audience.

By creating user-generated content that resonates with their target audience, GoPro has successfully merged their products and services into one seamless content marketing strategy. By using the power of the internet to create meaningful connections with fans, they’ve taken advantage of the ever-changing landscape of marketing and are making the most of it. Ultimately, great content marketing is the result of a combination of great content and good storytelling. So, if you’re looking to create a content marketing strategy for your company, go with GoPro.

Consumer-generated content is an essential part of a content marketing strategy, and GoPro has become a master of this approach. With 6,000 videos uploaded daily, users share their stories with GoPro cameras and mention their company in the caption. GoPro’s integrated approach to consumer-generated content includes contests, participatory engagement, and celebrity endorsements. A content marketing case study like this is a good model for content marketing.

Apollo Digital’s content marketing case study

The following is a case study of Apollo Digital’s content marketing strategy. In this case study, we follow the development and promotion of a series of blog posts. These posts, which addressed major pain points faced by SaaS founders, garnered over 11,000 page views and over $25,000 in revenue in just one month. The content was written with actionable tips and visual elements in mind, and was promoted using social media and smart content filter plugins.

One case study is that of Fortis Healthcare, a healthcare group that came into existence 18 years after Apollo. The healthcare group uses social media to promote its services, but their fan base is small and not as responsive as it could be. The brand uses the same colours and images as its competitors, but these are of low quality, resulting in a lower engagement per post. Further, its brand colour is used excessively, resulting in low average engagement per post.

Pricing for Apollo Digital’s content marketing platform is affordable. There are four main tiers of pricing, ranging from $29/month to $1,199/year. Enterprise plans are available, and are discounted depending on the number of posts a user makes. The cost for each plan is based on the number of articles written, as well as how many users a company wants to integrate with the tool. The Plus plan comes with unlimited keywords and 100 articles per month, as well as a custom domain name.

Content marketing case studies are an effective way to educate consumers, generate leads, and prove the effectiveness of your content marketing strategy. Case studies also provide credibility and demonstrate success. Using case studies in the real world helps businesses gain a higher ROI, as they are able to repurpose the content in a variety of ways. This makes them a valuable tool that can be shared across social media channels. Further, case studies can be reused to target a broader audience.

College Raptor’s content marketing case study

If you’re looking for a content marketing case study, look no further. College Raptor used a trifecta of content marketing strategies to grow from zero to 100K organic sessions each month. By utilizing visual content, public data, and other resources, the company attracted over 1M unique visitors a month to its website. In just a few months, it published more than 200 articles.

The content that College Raptor created was dynamic, generating organic traffic that would go viral on social media. Although it may not check every SEO box, it did increase brand awareness and visibility. The content was also designed for link building, resulting in a high number of inbound links. Moreover, the company’s team used infographics to explain their content strategy, which drew the attention of the Washington Post and other media outlets.

The College Raptor team has been using the power of content to engage students. The goal of the company is to increase enrollment rates by helping students find the right college for their skills and interests. The team consists of technology gurus, innovative thinkers, and enrollment experts. In addition, the website is optimized to reach college students. With such a diverse audience, the content of College Raptor’s content marketing case study is a unique opportunity to learn more about the company’s business.

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