AI Writer ChatGPT Considered Spam by Google

AI Writer ChatGPT Considered Spam by Google

It seems like you can’t go anywhere on the web these days without hearing something about AI content generators.

AI writer tools like ChatGPT have been getting a lot of attention lately, but how does Google view content that is automatically generated using AI?

Does Google rank automatically-generated content within its search results?

Can Google even detect content that was automatically generated by AI?

The answers to these questions are extremely important to marketers and SEOs investing time and money into content marketing.

AI-Generated Content is Against Google’s Webmaster Guidelines

In a recent Google Search Central SEO office-hours hangout, a question was brought up about GPT-3 AI writing tools and how Google views content written by AI.

Google’s Search Advocate John Mueller said:

*Screenshot taken from Search Engine Journal on 1/11/2023

You can view the full response in the video below:

John Mueller’s answer is crystal clear: Content generated by AI is spam, and spam doesn’t rank on Google.

⚠ If you are using AI to automatically generate content such as blogs or webpages that you want to rank on Google’s search engine, STOP immediately!

Continuing to do so is a complete waste of time and will ultimately negate any time or energy you put into it as Google will penalize the automatically-generated content as spam.

Can Google Detect Automatically Generated Content Written By AI?

The short answer is YES.

Dan Nguyen from Google’s search quality team said in a Google office-hours video that Google has “algorithms to go after” those who post AI-created content. Google then can “demote site scraping content from other sites.”

Many within the SEO industry suspect that the recently released “Helpful Content Update” that Google finished deploying on January 12th, 2023, was designed to do this very thing.

*Screenshot taken from Search Engine Journal on 1/11/2023

It’s important to note here that the phrase, “by people” is repeated three times in this announcement, indicating the importance of human-written content.

These statements basically mean that Google can detect AI-generated content and will demote it, thus rendering it useless for the purpose of ranking on Google’s search engine.

It also means that Google can discern what is human-written content and reward it by ranking it within their search results.

This shows that Google is digging in its heels when it comes to valuing content written by actual humans vs content automatically written by AI.

What Does All Of This Mean?

In simple terms, if you want your SEO content to rank on Google, DON’T use automatically-generated content written by AI.

Automatically-created content is against Google Webmaster Guidelines and will be “demoted” as spam, thus rendering automatically-generated content useless for SEO and content marketing purposes.

Instead, use human-written content for SEO, which is the only content Google values.

Here at BKA Content, we provide completely original human-written content that meets Google Webmaster guidelines.

This fundamental principle makes us a trusted partner to help you achieve your content marketing goals.

Content by Humans, for Humans

Need help creating human-written content that ranks well on Google and drives results? We’re here to help!

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