3 Reasons Content Marketing Is A Good Choice For Early-Stage Startups

by Abdo Riani, Senior Contributor

“Focusing is about saying ‘no’” – Steve Jobs. In this article we list a few reasons why content … [+] marketing might be the marketing strategy worth choosing for early-stage tech startups.
gettyOne of the biggest general problems you’ll face as an early-stage startup founder is trying to achieve too much with too few resources. The general principle of solving this problem is to focus your efforts as much as possible – forgo scope in order to achieve higher depth.

This is also true for your marketing efforts – there would be dozens of startup marketing strategies worth employing for your project, however, you simply wouldn’t have the capacity to implement all of them effectively. The key is to choose which one would be the most impactful for your project.

“Innovation is saying ‘no’ to 1,000 things. You have to pick carefully.” – Steve Jobs

Of course, this is easier said than done. To help you out, below we’ll list a few reasons why content marketing might be the thing worth choosing.

1. Could Be Done On A Budget
Content marketing could be very expensive if you do high-value video productions. It could also be extremely inexpensive if you decide to write content for your blog or social media profiles. In this case, the only direct cost would be your time.

This is great for an obvious reason – in the early startup stages, you don’t have access to a lot of capital. What you have is the time of the founders, and investing it in a well-thought-out content marketing strategy could pay dividends in the long run.

Conveniently, you can increase the resources you invest in content marketing as you grow. Initially, you can do it as lean as possible. Eventually, once your project enters its growth stage and you’ve established that it’s worth the investment, you can increase your content marketing budget significantly in order to increase your growth rate.

2. Could Be Used To Validate Your Ideas
Content is one of the quickest ways to validate ideas in the very early stages of your project. You can judge the intensity of a customer problem by writing about it and distributing your content where your target market is likely to hang out. The interest in your piece of content and the discussion your posts would generate could give you valuable insights into your market

By: Abdo Riani, Senior Contributor
Title: 3 Reasons Content Marketing Is A Good Choice For Early-Stage Startups
Sourced From: www.forbes.com/sites/abdoriani/2022/10/26/3-reasons-content-marketing-is-a-good-choice-for-early-stage-startups/
Published Date: 10/26/22

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