3 Content Marketing Analytics Tools For Beginners

Content marketing analytics tools can be a powerful tool for tracking content and measuring success. By tracking user behavior in real time, they can provide valuable data-driven insights and tailor-made costing for content marketing. The interface of these tools is extremely clean, and they are ideal for beginners. New marketers will find them easy to use, and the user interface allows them to track real-time user behavior. Here are some of the tools that make content marketing analytics easier:


When it comes to content marketing, using Buzzsumo tools can help you create a strategy that’s sure to be effective. Its content analysis features help you determine what’s popular and what doesn’t. The results will help you determine whether your strategy is working or not. For instance, if you’re trying to generate traffic to your website, you should first analyze which articles or topics are generating the most buzz online.

In addition to content marketing, BuzzSumo is an excellent tool for finding influencers in your niche. When you enter a topic and domain, BuzzSumo will show you people who are influencing that niche. Once you’ve identified potential brand evangelists, it’s time to engage them online. Then, offer to sponsor them with your content to generate traffic and increase exposure. If they agree to promote your content, they will likely share it on their sites and increase your brand’s exposure.

Another tool to help you create viral posts is BuzzSumo’s Topic Discovery. With this tool, you can browse thousands of forums to find relevant topics. Using the tool, you can choose topics related to your topic and see which posts get the most buzz. You can use the tool to create content ideas for your website, blog, or brand. BuzzSumo helps you determine the right formula for creating content that attracts the most backlinks.


You can use Canva to create compelling visual content for your marketing campaigns. The company has been rapidly growing and recently closed a $125 million funding round. The company has grown rapidly, with over 15 million active users and 300,000 paying customers. The company has a clear educational goal with their YouTube videos, which feature tips on how to use Canva. You can use Canva to create an ad in no time at all, boosting your content marketing efforts.

The design capabilities of Canva are very versatile, and you can use them to create beautiful graphics for your content marketing efforts. You can also use them to create stationary. They are not limited to content marketing, though. This versatile tool is useful for all types of content marketing campaigns, from blog posts to sales pages. The product has a free trial option, which allows you to test the app without any obligation. The Canva website is easy to navigate and visually attractive, but it could use a little bit more explaining the value of each feature.

Canva tools for content marketing are designed with SEO in mind, so they follow best practices for maximizing search engine rankings. Using Canva tools for content marketing is essential to ensuring success. It helps you make effective landing pages, content that is targeted to your buyer base, and attracts high-quality traffic. The company also provides excellent site architecture. A good landing page is essential to generating leads. For more information on Canva, visit our website today.


If you’re thinking about outsourcing your content marketing needs, you may have considered using 99designs. This website offers designers an easy way to create engaging content with your brand’s style and colors. Once you have created a project, you can send it to designers and receive feedback. In most cases, you can invite as many designers as you want, but you should still be selective. And never feel pressured to hire a designer immediately. The company will hold your money in escrow until you’re happy with the product.

One of the most important steps in collaborating with a designer is to create a brief. 99designs will match you with designers based on your project brief. Once you’ve chosen a designer, you’ll fill out the project brief, choose a few designs based on their profiles, and then request quotes from them. You can also add a few additional details such as your budget and timeline. It’s a good idea to have a clear idea of what you want from your designer before they begin the design process.

Another benefit of 99designs is their affordable pricing. They offer packages that are affordable for almost any budget, and some of the more expensive plans include expert designers. You can use 99designs for content marketing purposes by purchasing a bundle pack or selecting a single design from among the many available options. By choosing a bundle plan, you’ll get access to their expert designers, as well as collaboration tools and secure payment options.


If you are struggling to integrate content marketing into your overall marketing strategy, consider using HubSpot tools. These tools will help you create engaging content and incorporate it into your overall strategy. The tools offered by HubSpot include social media integration, influencer activation, and personalized content experiences. Let’s explore the benefits of using these tools. Listed below are three of the most valuable tools for content marketing:

Uberflip. This tool combines HubSpot’s marketing tools with Google Sheets, giving you one click data sync and flexible reporting. It also lets you build record-level reports and any other type of report you’d like. This means that you can create a custom report that focuses on specific metrics, like sales or traffic, and analyze the effectiveness of each strategy. The hubs allow you to track content marketing in more detail, which is helpful if you’re trying to improve your conversion rates.

Another tool available on HubSpot is buyer personas. Using buyer personas, you can define a fictional, ideal customer. These profiles can help you identify keywords and content that will attract your target audience. The software also tracks actions and helps you follow up on leads. Creating buyer personas is a critical first step in content marketing, and HubSpot tools for content marketing make this process easy.


If you’re a freelance writer, there are several free tools to help you with your content marketing strategy. Typeform is a supercharged version of Google Forms that enables complex survey logic. It also integrates with popular platforms, such as Slack, Google Workspace, Hubspot, and Salesforce. You can upgrade your subscription as needed, starting with the Basic subscription, which is free but is useful for expert roundups and client collaboration.

Another free tool to aid you in your content marketing strategy is Hotjar, which lets you analyze your social media analytics. It can help you find out where your target audience is hanging out, as well as which topics and hashtags they’re using. It also offers free alerts for relevant hashtags and keywords. You can also use it to monitor your brand’s progress in social media. And if you want to see if your content is performing better than your competitors’, you can use marketing analytics tools such as Talkwalker, which can help you measure how well your campaign is doing.

Anyword’s AI Copywriting Platform is one of the most comprehensive AI copywriting tools on the market. Using this tool, a freelancer can generate blog posts in just a few clicks, and social copy with ease. Using this software is like having a one-stop shop for all copy needs, as it can produce blog posts, ads, landing pages, and emails. If you have a tight budget, you can even hire a freelancer to write content for you.


Asana is a collaborative workspace that allows you to create tasks, assign them to team members, track comments and changes, manage deadlines and more. Its design is highly flexible, with a workspace where you can see what is happening in real time and assign tasks to specific individuals. If you’re looking for a tool that will make content marketing easier, consider Asana. The free version of the tool allows for limited functionality, but it can help you get started quickly.

Besides allowing you to create tasks, Asana offers a variety of features that make managing content marketing easier. Its features include card templates, statuses and workflow optimization. It can be used on the web or offline, with apps for iOS and Android. It helps you stay organized with your project. To get started, sign up for a free trial today. And, don’t forget to sign up for a free account! It’s worth it!

Another great feature of Asana is its ability to allow reviewers to directly leave feedback on an image. This allows you to follow up on feedback in a very convenient way. You can use Asana to track your content creation as part of a larger campaign, or as part of a project that another team is relying on. This way, you can see what is going on in other parts of the project and coordinate accordingly.


Many businesses overlook Quora as a content marketing tool. However, it can be a valuable asset for a variety of purposes, including content research, thought leadership, and driving traffic to a blog. The site is home to millions of users and 190 million visitors per month, making it a valuable resource for content marketers. But how do you utilize it to achieve these goals? Here are some ideas. -Use it as part of your content marketing strategy

-Use promoted answers to spread detailed information about your product or service. -Use thought leadership answers to boost existing content on Quora and build a following. -Write useful answers to help your audience solve a problem or answer a question. Ensure that your answers are factually correct and credible. -Useful content – If you have great content, you can repurpose it into the Q&A site.

-Use a profile to engage with other users. If your profile is well-written, it will help your brand to get noticed. Remember to use your personal email address when signing up. Quora includes your first 50 characters with your answers. Therefore, make sure your profile is complete! After completing your profile, you can add your company name near the top. When you reply to questions, make sure to provide the full name of your business.


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About the Author: Walter Acosta

Walter Acosta is a blogger. His primary interests are in digital marketing and content creation and curation.