How to Earn $20k+/Mo with Affiliate Marketing by Reusing Videos (Surprisingly Simple)

In the quest for financial freedom, many individuals embark on various ventures and strategies. One such method that has gained substantial popularity is affiliate marketing. Surprisingly, there is a remarkable technique through which individuals can generate a monthly income exceeding $20,000 by simply reusing videos. In this article, we will delve into the fascinating world of affiliate marketing, uncovering the secrets of this surprisingly simple approach to earning substantial profits. Through the perspective of those who have successfully implemented this strategy, we will examine the key steps involved in harnessing the power of videos to unlock your earning potential. Let’s dive in and discover the extraordinary possibilities that await!

How to Earn $20k+/Mo with Affiliate Marketing by Reusing Videos (Surprisingly Simple)


In today’s digital age, earning a substantial income online has become a realistic goal for many individuals. The world of affiliate marketing has opened up numerous opportunities for people to generate passive income streams, and one particular video created by Smart Money Tactics has been gaining significant attention.

Review of Smart Money Tactics’ Video:

In this comprehensive review, we will delve into the details of the video created by Smart Money Tactics, which promises to teach viewers how to make $20k or more per month through affiliate marketing. Let’s explore the key aspects covered in the video and evaluate its effectiveness.

Chapter 1: Learn how to make money with affiliate marketing by reusing videos without creating new ones.

The video begins by introducing the concept of affiliate marketing and its potential to generate lucrative income. Smart Money Tactics emphasizes a unique approach where individuals can reuse existing videos, eliminating the need to create brand new content. This method is especially appealing for those who may not be comfortable showing their face or using their own voice in videos.

Chapter 2: Two simple niches to get started with.

To facilitate success in affiliate marketing, the video offers insights into two simple niches that beginners can explore. By choosing the right niche, individuals can tap into a target audience that is already interested in the products or services being promoted. This chapter delves into strategies to identify profitable niches and lays the foundation for future success.

Chapter 3: Find affiliate marketing products and upload videos on your Instagram profile.

Effectively finding affiliate marketing products is crucial for success in this industry. The video provides viewers with valuable guidance on how to research and select products that align with their chosen niche. Additionally, it walks through the process of uploading videos on Instagram, one of the most popular social media platforms, as a means to reach a wider audience.

Chapter 4: Proof of others making affiliate marketing sales using this method.

To instill confidence in viewers, Smart Money Tactics presents real-life examples of individuals who have achieved success using their method. Testimonials and case studies demonstrate that the techniques and strategies shared in the video have brought tangible results to others. This proof serves as a motivating factor for viewers to implement the suggested strategies.

Chapter 5: Niche ideas and creating a profile.

Building on the initial niche suggestions, this chapter expands on various niche ideas that viewers can explore further. Smart Money Tactics emphasizes the importance of creating a profile that resonates with the target audience, and provides valuable tips on how to optimize profiles to attract potential customers.

Chapter 6: Finding products, reusing videos, and scheduling content.

This chapter delves deeper into the process of finding affiliate marketing products that align with chosen niches. Smart Money Tactics shares expert insights on repurposing existing videos to suit different platforms and target audiences. Furthermore, viewers are guided on how to schedule content effectively to maximize engagement and reach.

Chapter 7: Posting schedule and placing captions explained.

To ensure consistent growth and engagement, the video emphasizes the importance of establishing a posting schedule. Smart Money Tactics provides clear instructions on how frequently and at what times viewers should be posting content. Additionally, the video offers insights into the significance of captions and provides guidance on how to create captivating captions that grab the attention of potential customers.


The video created by Smart Money Tactics offers valuable insights and strategies for individuals looking to enter the world of affiliate marketing. By reusing videos without the need to create new ones, viewers can tap into a vast potential for earning substantial income. The video covers crucial aspects such as niche selection, finding affiliate marketing products, and scheduling content, providing a comprehensive roadmap to success. If you’re seeking to embark on an affiliate marketing journey, this video is definitely worth watching.


  1. Can I use this method with any niche?
  2. Are there any additional costs involved in implementing the strategies shared in the video?
  3. Is it necessary to have a large following on Instagram to be successful in affiliate marketing?
  4. How long does it typically take to see results using this method?
  5. Can I customize the reused videos to make them unique to my profile?

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