Get Into Digital Marketing Without a Degree – Day in the life of a digital


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or at upload a video uh today we’re going to be   talking about getting a job now getting a job in 
digital marketing is a little bit different but   i am going to show you how to go about it do it 
without a college degree because college degree   is just not needed for what i’m going to show 
you today i’m going to show you all the steps   how to find everything and by the end of the 
session today if you want to be a digital marker   can’t even say it if you want to be a 
digital marketer you can certainly be one   not that hard to do there’s just a few steps you 
got to take i will go through all those steps   with you you know i grabbed the wrong cup today it 
doesn’t say anything on it it’s just a metal cup   and i all of my cups are metal by the way i 
don’t use any plastic and glass gets broken   so i went to these metal cups and they’re pretty 
amazing i can actually make a drink and put ice   in it and set it down at 10 30 at night and the 
next morning at 7 or 8 in the morning the ice is   still in there so that’s a pretty amazing 
cup love these things got them on amazon so guys first off let’s talk about these digital 
marketing jobs they’re not really what they   used to be uh it used to be a traditional job 
you’d have to get in your car drive somewhere   and go to work the majority of these digital 
marketing jobs you don’t have to leave your house   so it is kind of like working for yourself 
or the other way you could look at it is   you could actually learn these skills and i’m 
going to show you how to do that in a second   but you could pick up these skills and just work 
as a freelancer from home so you know that’s   certainly something you could do too but i want 
to pull up all these notes that i had on all this   but you know the cool thing is you don’t need 
a university degree anymore it’s not necessary   what i’m going to do is give you the exact 
steps to follow if you want to break into   online marketing industry it’s not that hard to 
do the first thing i would say to do is kind of   look at the requirements of the digital marketing 
jobs um there’s a lot of digital marketing jobs   out there you can go to any of these you know 
job sites that are hiring and just kind of look   what are the skills they want you know what are 
they looking for uh and i i pulled up one of these   jobs here it was kind of interesting uh and it 
said a passionate collaborative self-motivated   individual who has interest in building skills in 
digital marketing so right there they’re saying   you can kind of learn on the job we’d like to 
have the same experience in all of the following   paid advertising ppc uh which would be google ads 
organic social media content creation seo graphic   design and email marketing so they’re looking for 
a kind of a well-rounded person you must be hungry   willing to work hard be open to learning and be 
a good listener and provide value to our team   and be part of the agile teams that’s 
what they’re saying kind of interesting   uh it would be great to get the skills and 
knowledge to break away and do your own thing   100 and the thing is you can do it it’s really not 
that hard to do the next thing i would tell you is   when you’re out there looking in the market this 
is number two if you’re keeping track of this is   find the highest paying jobs i think the biggest 
mistake people make is they’ll send me a message   and they’re like how do i make any money online 
if i don’t have any skills well why do you want   to do that why do you want to go into a job market 
online and have no skills here’s the thing if you   have no skills you can probably make some money 
online doing data entry or something like that but   you’re going to make the lowest rung of you know 
society’s pay you know that’s like going into a   you know a job market you know where you show 
up at work every day and go what’s the lowest   paying job of the market i’d like to be able 
to do that why would you want to do that why   not go out there and find the highest paying jobs 
and that is number two go find the highest paying   jobs you know what are they getting paid um the 
average salary for digital marketers specialist   is around 40 000 a year but it gets much 
higher as you move up okay so who wants   a 40 grand a year job nobody does you get into 
a specialist and you’re going to be in the 60s   and then you get into a digital marketing manager 
you’re going to be in the 80s and 90s as far as   income um and then what i’m going to do is also 
show you some of the higher end salaries too   so the entry level digital marketing jobs probably 
when the best one is a specialist and then   dropping below that is seo specialist a content 
marketing specialist is on the high end you can   make 200 000 a year with content marketing 
uh social media managers are making about   thousand 160 a year graphic designers are making 
about 140 000 uh and affiliate marketing managers   can make around 160 to 180 000 a year um so 
there is a lot of money to be made out there   now how are you going to make the money well 
i come to step number three on this one enroll   in a digital marketing course okay get a take a 
course out there now i know a lot of these courses   are certified but understand they’re certified by 
the person who did the course so you know any of   my courses i could say boom you’re certified now 
uh i don’t do that i don’t do the certifications   um do some employers look for that i guess 
some do because they don’t know any better   any employer who’s saying do you have a 
certification for this really doesn’t understand   okay because i know people who have been doing 
content marketing for 10 years they don’t have   any certifications but they generated millions of 
dollars that’s the guy i’d want to hire right but   i will say you got to get some training so 
that’s step number three take some courses   um be real careful when you’re taking these 
courses guys take it from somebody who’s done   it okay so you know i teach facebook ads because 
i’ve done facebook ads and been successful i teach   drop shipping because i do drop shipping and i’ve 
been a drop shipper and i am a drop shipper so if   you take a course for me on drop shipping it’s 
going to be pretty darn good because that’s how   i make my living e-commerce i’ve done e-commerce 
i have courses on e-commerce i have e-com road   that shows you how to do e-commerce because 
i’ve done that and i do it every single day   um let’s see here how about copywriting 
copywriting’s great yeah i mean and that’s the   thing too james when you bring that up there’s so 
many different areas of digital marketing that you   can get into you don’t have to do one or the other 
it’s not just building websites it’s not just seo   uh you know he’s right a content person somebody 
who’s writing copy is extremely valuable you know   if i can write an email which i can but if i can 
write an email it’ll generate a hundred thousand   dollars in a few days that’s a pretty valuable 
skill for a business to have you know if they   have a guy who can or a woman who can write 
something that will get people to click and buy   man that’s pretty profitable that’s somebody that 
you want some of the top five jobs are digital um   marketing specialists content 
creators content creators is huge   so next thing number four start a digital 
marketing blog here you do here here’s what   we’re going to do here is we’re going to 
actually build our resume online if you   have a digital marketing blog and you talk about 
digital marketing and you want to go to work for   somebody or you want to be a freelancer you can 
direct them to your blog and say look at this   this is what i know i already know these things 
how do you learn these things read other people’s   blogs watch videos it’s really not that hard to 
learn this stuff um digital marketing is a highly   practical process so the only way to find out if 
you have the skills to work as a digital marketer   is to practice you just got to do it every single 
day um when you start blogging you’re going to   get in this mindset of optimizing stuff for a 
website search engines advertising campaigns   and you’re just going to be getting better and 
better as you actually do it and you can do it   on your own blog and who knows you may be selling 
your own courses or something going down the road   uh let’s see it would be interesting to 
see how the big guys scale ads it would   be great to get paid to learn to scale social 
media manager would be interesting facebook   offers creation certification at universities yeah 
the problem with universities is the professors   haven’t done this stuff um you really can’t learn 
it in colleges um and it’s like how do you find   somebody to teach you know and pay them 70 or 80 
grand a year when they can go out on their own   and make three or four hundred thousand dollars a 
year it’s really impossible to attract a teacher   in a college setting that’s why you almost have to 
go buy a course from somebody like me or you know   somebody else there’s plenty of people buy courses 
from but i’m just saying we don’t i’m you’re not   going to pay me 80 grand a year to go teach 
people i mean why would i do that that’s stupid   you know i could make more than that and some days 
i make more than that but certainly every month   i make more than that so why would i go teach 
it you know the only thing i’m going to do is   create courses that i can scale and make money off 
of number five choose your specialization really   really important to do that guys uh you could be 
a digital marketing specialist you could be a seo   specialist you could be a social media specialist 
and a lot of you who are on social media now   who are posting for yourself you don’t realize 
it but you’re a social media specialist   email marketing specialist that’s another area 
you can get into a content marketing specialist   you know maybe you’re good at content that can 
be video content that can be written content uh   what about a pc or excuse me ppc uh specialist 
so it’s a pay-per-click uh somebody who’s good   at that affiliate marketing specialist there’s so 
many areas that you can get into and make money   it’s just it’s pretty amazing really uh it’s 
just so open-ended as to what you can do   let me talk about some of these things 
first because i want to kind of define them   a digital marketing specialist really has a good 
knowledge of digital marketing and they know how   to run campaigns in different marketing channels 
okay they usually have a wide range of skills uh   and there’s a lot better career opportunities than 
other specialties if you’re a digital marketing   specialist now an seo expert they got great 
skills they know how to do keyword research   they can fix technical seo errors they can 
optimize content for search engines they can   rank websites high in the search engine so that’s 
kind of what they do let me get another sip here you guys as we’re going along here don’t forget 
to put those questions and comments in there i   really appreciate some of you guys are really 
good at it but putting those comments in there   the more you do that the more you interact 
the more you interact the more you learn   the more you learn the more money you can make 
and that’s just how it works uh content marketing   specialist i mentioned that um so they kind 
of know the ins and outs of content marketing   um it’s gotta be somebody who really likes writing 
okay you gotta be do be able to do that uh you can   design you can implement you can optimize content 
marketing campaigns um that’s something that needs   to be done social media specialists hey this could 
be a 14 year old on facebook now of course i don’t   know are there any 14 year olds left on facebook 
i think they’ve all moved to other channels   but they basically have the skill to 
run a campaign on social media networks   they know how to promote a brand or products they 
can analyze the results which is really important   social media campaigns and they can manage the 
social media presence of a company um a ppc   specialist okay that’s a pay-per-click specialist 
uh they know how to run paid campaigns on google   facebook bing other networks they know how ppc 
can’t talk they know how ppc platforms work and   how to use them to target the right audiences next 
one i mentioned was an email marketing specialist   and they basically have the skills to run 
email marketing campaigns and convert visitors   into leads and customers and i was yesterday day 
before writing some of my emails for the campaign   i’m running now and it takes some thought and 
you got to figure out you know what’s going to   make somebody open this email what’s going 
to make somebody click in this email what’s   going to make somebody read this email and you 
know how am i going to make them buy when they   finally get to the page so that email marketing 
specialist specialist is really important too   uh affiliate marketing specialists now they’re 
responsible for expanding the affiliate program* What the star implies: Links marked with a * mean that we will receive a commission if a booking or a specific action is made via the linked provider. There will be no additional costs for you. Also, we won’t receive any money just by setting links.   of a company so you’ve got to understand 
the ins and outs of affiliate marketing   so those are some of the areas you get into uh 
number six follow the work establish digital   marketing experts okay so you want to go out 
there and look at the people who are really   successful and start following them look at what 
they’re posting listen to what they’re saying   and pick up all those little nuances of what works 
you know when you’re breaking into a new area like   this it takes a lot of studying and practice and 
you’re going to need inspiration you’re going to   need to listen to people who are doing it so 
i would suggest you doing that and you know   i guess number seven is if you don’t want to 
wait for that job you can just become a digital   marketing freelancer you could do all this stuff 
on your own um is ppc used on youtube yeah i mean   i have ads that you know are based on ppc uh you 
know ads you know you could you can do all kinds   of different metrics if you want when you’re 
running ads but yeah you can certainly do that   so you’ve done your research and 
you know what jobs are out there   just go out and freelance you know go out and put 
yourself on sites like upwork like   and let people know what you can do put in 
your portfolio what you’ve done you’ve got   to build a portfolio super super important to 
do that if you work with a couple of clients   it’s much much better than having no 
experience so put those clients in there   put what you did with those clients in there put 
the results you got with those clients in there   it will help you understand what clients 
need and how the freelancing process works   maybe you can decide on going full-time as a 
freelancer maybe you don’t even want a job i mean   that’s probably the way i would go but keep in 
mind you’re always going to have to be looking   for work if you do that you know if you’re working 
for somebody else whether it’s as a freelancer or   has a hired employee you know you’re always going 
to be working for somebody else and if you’re a   freelancer you’re always going to be finding the 
next new job um so that’s why i like working for   me because i have to worry about that you know 
every day i wake up i got work to do i’m going   to make money i know that for sure it would be 
great to learn headlines that open uh love your   emails thanks paul uh yeah the headline is huge 
or subject line i think evenings is huge in email   marketing if you don’t have good subject lines 
guys nobody’s opening your emails they’re just not   um are there forums of these areas of expertise 
100 yeah there’s forums uh there’s copywriting   groups on facebook there’s seo groups on facebook 
um you can find this stuff all over the internet   guys and here’s here’s the deal people say you 
know i go out to restaurants um with some friends   of ours and they’re always like how did you find 
this place oh my gosh this is so good how did you   find it i’m like i went to google and i looked so 
if you just search for anything i don’t care what   it is if it’s a group if it’s a forum whatever 
just go to google and search i mean there’s stuff   out there on everything now everything you can 
learn whatever you want um the best way to really   secure your first client as a freelancer is to 
just really look at the jobs that are posted on   upwork fiverr uh people per hour there’s a whole 
bunch of them out there that are related to your   specialization okay that’s all you gotta do look 
at the client requirements reply to the applicants   keep your prices low in the beginning as a 
matter of fact i would say super low like in   the beginning if somebody posts a job and they say 
we’re going to pay 500 bucks for somebody to do   this pay-per-click or whatever the heck it is say 
i’ll do it for 200.

But promise me that you give   me a review when we’re done and base it on how 
well i do the job and then just do a great job and   then you’ve got your reviews and you’re starting 
to build your portfolio and people will see that   you can if you want if you don’t want to 
go the freelancer route number eight is   apply for a digital marketing job if that’s 
what you want to do go that route find jobs   find employees there’s plenty of employers out 
there now in this guys this is one of the fastest   growing areas there is and the thing is this 
isn’t getting replaced by machines anytime soon   i did see a software the other day that that 
proposed that it could write copy based on some   of the information that you gave it you could 
actually write ad copy i don’t know if it works   i don’t know it was intriguing to to look at it 
because it was ai uh and i think it based it on   you know it would write it and then they would 
see what kind of interaction it got and then it   would actually change it i don’t know how the 
algorithm worked but it was kind of interesting   but i don’t i don’t see digital marketing 
jobs going anywhere anytime soon except up   the next thing you could do number nine if you 
don’t want to go the job route you don’t want to   go the freelancer around is start your own digital 
marketing agency where you actually do this stuff   for businesses so you can say hey for six months 
i’ll do this for you for three months i’ll do this   for you and in case you’re starting your own 
business okay you’re going to need additional   skills like managing a business a lot of people 
say well i want to start a business but they’ve   never managed people they’ve never managed a 
business they don’t know anything about accounting   they don’t know anything about taxes um there’s 
a lot to running a business uh even my business   you know we i have a cpa who you know takes care 
of everything but you know jessica is my wife is   the executive administrator she makes sure all 
the numbers are in there and all the stuff is   in there correctly she understands accounting 
and debits and credits and all that good stuff   you know and if you don’t understand that stuff 
it’s going to be really hard to run a business   i would suggest you don’t start a 
business if you don’t know this stuff or   aren’t willing to learn it because you’re going 
to have to know all this really if you’re going   to have a digital marketing company the first 
challenge of course is going to be to find clients   but the second challenge is going to be to make 
them happy because they don’t understand how   this stuff works you know a digital marketing 
company may get a client that’s a restaurant   and the restaurant may say after a week well our 
sales didn’t double you know you’re not doing   your job so they don’t understand that it’s 
a building thing it’s getting people in there   and then once they get the people in there it’s 
their job to upsell them to more food or whatever   the case may be so you’ve got to set those 
expectations number 10 is build your own brand   that’s what i do i build my own brand i don’t 
sell services i do sell courses so people can   buy my courses to become a successful digital 
marketing professional you’re gonna be needed   to be recognized as an expert okay if people don’t 
look at you and go oh my god this person knows all   kinds of stuff um then you’re not going to be you 
know you’re not going to build your personal brand   uh see here paul says your friend from guerrilla 
marketing has that software for content marketing   uh yeah which one are you talking about paul i’m 
not sure i know a lot of people from guerilla   marketing uh and i’d probably be back at that um 
meeting again that was really good we did that   one down in florida gosh it’s been two years ago 
hey i hate to think about that it’s been that long   so how are you going to build your brand first 
thing you can do is have a blog and i said that   earlier um you’ve got to have a blog that has this 
information that you know so people can see it   um you can grow your social media following 
that’s what i do here on youtube right i do   videos and i say hey this is information that 
works but you can also use twitter you can use   linkedin whatever you want but you got to build 
that following you got to have that following as   of today we’re getting really close to that 5 
000 number and i really want that 5 000 number   just because it puts us into a new category on 
youtube called famebit uh and you can look up   famebit if you want you can kind of see what the 
qualifications are but we need that 5000.

So guys   you know if you haven’t subscribed to the channel 
please do so if you haven’t shared it please do so   you can also do guest posts on other people’s 
blogs i think that’s really good you write an   article or something and you can link 
back to your site you can just approach   some of these sites and say this is what 
i want to do uh next thing you can do   ah this is a really good idea think about this 
one how about if you start a youtube channel or   a podcast ah i haven’t done the podcast thing and 
i’m intrigued by it i really am and it’s something   i may check into later right now i’m all in on 
youtube so that’s what i do and you know i had   11 videos a week which is what i’m doing now you 
have five live excuse me five recorded uploaded   and then six live i don’t have a lot of time to 
do a podcast all excuses right i should make time   but that’s all i’m doing right now uh network with 
other professionals you know find other people in   your industry that are doing this stuff and talk 
to them you know attend events when they come back   network with these people you know building these 
relationships and these personal relationships is   a great way to gradually build your reputation 
of your personal brand okay uh publish case   studies and success stories so a lot of times when 
i have people that you know go through my courses   i’ll get testimonials and they’ll post stuff about 
what they learned and you know how much money they   made and all that good stuff i don’t like to 
do that a whole lot um i just don’t want to get   other people involved in my business but every 
now and then i’ll do that and some of my sales   pages you’ll see videos of people like giving 
testimonials oh yeah jason yeah jason’s a great   guy i don’t know about his software for content 
marketing though uh you know he’s a great guy   but i don’t know that software uh paul have you 
had experience with it is that something you’ve   done and he’s put that in the chat section 
guys if you’re just listening to me um so   you know getting into digital marketing without a 
degree is not difficult to do because there really   are no good degrees for this having a degree is 
not bad like so if i say i’m a digital marketer   and i also have a degree in you know finance 
business finance i do have a bs degree in business   finance it’s funny they call it a bs though event 
um when you do interviews did you get much traffic   from the person interviewed audience um i 
do it really depends on who i’m talking to   uh and how well known they are that has a lot 
to do with it but i don’t always just say hey   i’m only going to interview somebody who is very 
well known and has a huge following because it’s   also my job to help them out so if they don’t 
have any following but they’re interesting   i’ll still talk to them in an interview with 
them because it’s my helping them out okay i   don’t always need somebody to help me out 
so that’s something else the best way to   demonstrate your skills and expertise is to show 
them examples guys of your work if you know how to   rank your websites on google you know show them 
how you did it show them how your website ranks   show them how to run profitable ppc campaigns 
i have a friend who wanted to do hotel reviews   and said hey i want to contact these hotels 
and get them to comp a room for me and i’ll   do a video for them well the best way to get a 
hotel to want to do that is to go out and just   do hotel reviews stay at a hotel post those 
videos and then you can direct them to those   videos you did on other hotels and they can see 
what you’re talking about they can see an example   of what you’re going to do for them and i know a 
lot of people who travel and never pay for hotels   because they always do a review of a hotel 
somewhere they put that on their channel   then when they get ready to go to a city like 
we’re getting ready to go to a city now we   were actually thinking about doing it but i 
haven’t done hotel reviews um they contact   two or three hotels and say hey i’ve got this 
channel i want to you know review your hotel   go to my channel and here’s some links of other 
hotels i’ve reviewed uh but you got to start off   doing it for free that’s how it works that’s 
how all this online stuff works is you got   to start off by doing stuff for free you can’t 
just get money up front does it work that way   uh let’s see here uh do you think running a few 
ads on facebook might get you over the 5000 um   no because that’s facebook and this is youtube and 
it really is an entirely different audience uh my   best way to get over that 5 000 i’ve only got what 
is i mean it’s just ridiculous number now i don’t   need hardly anything at this point but let’s just 
see this morning studio there’s youtube studio   my dashboard uh i got 48 18 so i only need like um 
a hundred and i have to try to do the math here 72   is that right 172 uh subscribers to get there so 
to run an ad for that it’s kind of worth it but   here’s that you did bring up an important 
thing don’t run an ad on one platform to   help another platform right now if i if 
i was trying to build my facebook group   i would run an ad on facebook if i was trying 
to build my youtube channel i would run an ad   on youtube so stay within your lane that’s 
super important that you realize that that’s   why it’s a good question you ask uh james alter 
says he went from 50 000 to 150 000 by doing   contest yeah you can certainly do that um but 
i don’t i when i run ads i want to make money   okay so quite honestly to build my channel the 
best thing i can do is content uh i don’t want   to just buy buy subscribers essentially is what 
you’re doing because they’re not as good they’re   not there because they really want your content 
you just pretty much bought them and they may not   interact they may not watch your videos or any 
of that stuff so i don’t do it for that reason   so yeah guys what do you think you think you could 
get a job as a digital marketer i think you could   i think just about anybody could because all 
you’ve got to do is figure out what the jobs are   all you got to do is find out the best paying ones 
all you got to do is go get those skills which   is simple to do it’s free online or take a course 
and really kind of ramp it up and get there a lot   quicker and anybody listening to this can do it 
if you have a computer and an internet connection   you could be in business you could be making money 
um let’s see paul also says an interesting place   to see jobs and what’s being offered is ad week 
job board ad week job board yeah i don’t know   a lot of the job boards because i mean i 
really have no reason to go to any of them   so i couldn’t tell you where jobs are in that 
respect you know i know the the freelancer ones   because i use those sites every day i use you know i use i use   but if you’re actually looking for a job i 
couldn’t tell you what the best job sites   are but you could just search the best job sites 
you would find everything’s there every answer to   any question you have is online for you to grab 
they’re all there um remember the hit song get a   job get a job i do not what is the hit song 
get a job all right now you got me curious   you got me curious song hit a joke get a job 
i probably know it and don’t know the title   uh because i i just don’t know any of 
these things get a job i’m not good with   remembering music and artists 
and all that stuff so get what is this about get a job as a song by 
the silhouettes released in november 1957.   that was before i was born james i don’t know 
that uh i don’t know it reached number one spot   on the billboard pop in r b singles charts in 
february 1958 and was later included let’s see in robert christo’s basic record library of 50s and 
60s yeah i wasn’t born then so i don’t know i   was born 59 so it was a year before i was born 
i’m sure it’s great now i gotta listen to it i   gotta at least take a listen to it now um big 
companies are finally seeing the importance of   social marketing yeah man they should have seen 
that 10 years ago right the recent bankruptcy   of companies had poor to no social marketing and 
zero engagement yeah that’s true i mean and the   thing is you don’t need that big of an audience to 
make a living i mean they say that you need about   a thousand loyal people on social media to make 
a living i believe that um and i’ve got you know   thousands on facebook and i’ve got thousands on 
this channel here and i make a living uh and then   of course social or survival k food uh has a page 
and i don’t know there’s twenty thousand people or   whatever on that i haven’t looked at in so long um 
but yeah uh it doesn’t take that much the thing is   nowadays it’s easy to reach them because we have 
the internet there’s seven billion people in the   world do you only need a thousand or two thousand 
very much that ain’t much to make a living uh so   guys i’m gonna go ahead and wind it down got a lot 
of stuff to do today i gotta finish uh editing oh   my god i edited i think seven videos yesterday 
so exhausting i’m not kidding you this is like   what’s worse is i gotta edit me talking so i’m 
listening to me talk to me it’s just not fun   just not fun but that’s not the point the point 
is you got to do the things that aren’t fun you   got to do the things that somebody else wouldn’t 
do and that’s how you succeed it’s doing all those   things nobody else wants to do so i’ll go back 
to doing that today i’ll get back to writing   my emails i got to start my email campaign 
for my survival food that’s going to come up   okay biggest old song i remember when i was a kid 
is wipeout yes i remember that uh and it was like   the the drum thing we all used to all play that 
on our desk the wipeout song i remember that i   was done by two bands yeah that was awesome it 
really was uh okay guys i don’t have anything   else for you don’t forget if you haven’t 
subscribed make sure you do so don’t forget   to ring the bell turn on bell notifications so you 
notified every time i upload a video or i go live   put your comments in there did you like this 
session today is this helpful to you today   what else do you want and i ask you this a lot 
because i really want to know so i can help you   out this session actually was because somebody 
suggested that they wanted to get a job in digital   marketing how would they do it that’s why i did 
this session today so if you have something that   you want to learn if you have something that you 
want to do then i would suggest you put it in that   chat section and i may very well do a video on it 
because i wanna i wanna you know please you guys   um see you tomorrow gang have a blessed week uh 
appreciate that paul uh if you haven’t given me   a thumbs up please do so it’s a simple thing to 
do you just smash that like button just smash it   or smash it either way you want to do it but 
smash that like button it means so much to me   a great session peace and blessings everyone 
always uh and guys i will be here tomorrow also   at 9 00 a.m saturday will be 10 a.m saturday 
you don’t want to miss saturday i’m going to   go over these steps that are freaking awesome 
they’re proven to improve your life dramatically   and you’re really going to like this thing on 
saturday i mean tomorrow’s gonna be great too   but saturday is this it’s really it’s mind-blowing 
it really is when you when you show up saturday   you’re gonna go holy crap i didn’t know if i 
could just do these four or five things and   there are four or five depending on what you want 
to do if you just do these four or five things   your life will change i mean i don’t care what 
age you are i don’t care how smart you are i   don’t care what your background is these four or 
five things and i keep saying four or five because   it originally started with four and they added one 
more it’s super famous you’re gonna see when you   attend on saturday you’ll be so glad you did 
uh would like more on content management and   marketing okay i can do that content uh management 
marketing certainly do that matter of fact i’ll   plug that in for next week paul content management 
marketing i keep reminding myself here so i know   what to do will push channel out to my people 
thank you so much guys if you would share the   channel too that would mean so very much i’m 
trying to decide if this will be here on monday   morning i don’t know i’m giving it some thought 
now it’s getting a little warm when i work out it   kind of gets sweaty and hot uh what do you think i 
should do put it in the comments should i keep it   should i get rid of it that’s up to you all right 
guys thank you so much i appreciate you being
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